10 Random Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

  Hey guys and welcome back to my blog.

  This weekend I wanted to do a quick yet meaningful post. I figured 10 random facts is a lot more interesting then a q&a. Last Saturday the 24th was my birthday and this week I am going to a Backstreet Boys concert!!!! Next weekened will be a better post.

 These facts have nothing to do with health, family or mental health. They are just fun facts. I will also be doing a 10 Random Facts about my Mental Health and 10 Random Facts about Fablemoon Says. Those will be up eventually so make sure you are subscribed.
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 Before we get started, make sure you check out my Instagram as I have been up to alot. Working on new things that i have been interested in, stickers, printable and others. It will be on Instagram before i post it here. Don’t forget also to comment me ‘follow back’ there and I will.

 Now let us get on to these facts.

 1. I have a dog named Kobe. I also had a dog named Heckta, 2 parakeet named Tiggy and Tweety and a Beta fish named Bluey. I also planning on getting 2 more Parakeets

 2. As you can tell by my theme and blog name, I love the Galaxy, moon, stars and all things in the solar system

 3. I believe in aliens. I don’t think they are green little people. I have no clue what they look like

 4. I love carbs, chocolate, fruits and veggies

 5. I hate people and their want of money. Don’t get me wrong, money is great and all but it is not the most important thing in the world.  It can make you gair or lose friends very qucik

 6. I love tropical rain. I even often play in it

 7. Yes I am 32 and still tweet at birds outside and say hello to any animals I see

 8. I tend to have nightmares 80% of the time. Tornado, Kobe missing and animals attacking me is the common themes

 9. I love animals but since I live near the zoo, I have nightmares that the lions will escape and come into my home

10. I think I will die by an animals attack since my mind goes blank when I see an animal and I go up to them not worrying about wether they will attack or not

 There you have my 10 Random Facts. I found it fun trying to come up with facts about myself haha. Interesting? Do you relate to any? 
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See you next time for an all new post 🙂

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