4 Important Things You Have Accomplished without Knowing

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Do you ever feel like you have accomplished nothing in life? That you will never accomplish anything? Well, let me tell you that you have accomplished the four most important things there is to achieve.

This post is for men and women. Teens and far away from those years. Anyone who ever feels like nothing in life is working. Doubting yourself. Broken down with nowhere to go. Maybe you just need a reminder of why you are great.

Here we discuss the 4 most important events that you have accomplished without knowing.

1. You have accomplished- Being alive

Different from being born. Everyday you wake up to start a new day.
Everyday you succeed in not letting your demons win.

This is one humongous thing you should be proud of.

And yes maybe no one knows what tommorow brings but we do know right at this moment.

Right at this moment you are alive

Keep living. Keep fighting for the chance to live. Keep trying your best.

Only when you try can you thrive

2.  You have accomplished – Being born

No one chose to be born yet here we are on this planet. Congrats you were the little sperm who made it!!

I know 80% of the time we question why are we born.

The other times, being born is the best thing ever.

Why be happy you were born?

  • Seeing a rainbow
  • Animals
  • Music
  • Love
  • Friendship
  • Sunshine
Norfolk terrier

Take a look at my little noodle. When I am feeling my 90% depression of why I was born, I look at him. I know I was born to help him have a good life. To help all the animals in need feel loved. To write Fablemoon Says even if many people do not read it.

We all have a reason for being born, you just need to go and find yours.

This wall art ?? because life is truly amazing

3. You have accomplished -Living for You

Ok maybe half of you have not gotten to this stage yet. Just know that you will.

Once you have decided to start living for yourself and not caring what others think then you accomplished alot. Focus on what you truly desire. What truly maked you happy. Life for you because it is the only life your have.

Some people live their life trying to please others. That is sad. There is no reason for that. You are living for you.

You know what? You may not have gotten to live for yourself 100% but who decides what you wear, who you hang out with, your music…? I bet this answer is yourself.

What can you do to live for yourself-

  • Speak up
  • Do not be afraid to do what you love
  • Know that you will not please everyone and that is ok
  • Do not be ashamed to disappoint people. Only person you should focus on making proud is yourself

Finding yourself and living for yourself may come with consequences. Like losing family or friends. In losing people who don’t like you for you will help you find the people who will.

4. You have accomplished -Getting through 100% of those bad days

Bad days come and bad days go. Guess what- all your life so far you have made it through 100% of bad days.

It may have been tough. You may have wanted to quit life a few times. Most of us do. There is a difference between being suicidal and just wanting to end it. It’s called suicidal ideation. You can read more about it here

I am proud of you

You can get through the rest of the hard times in life because you are strong. This is what life is all about- finding your way, making your mark and getting through the tough times.

What can you do to continue to get through life-

  • Ask for help
  • Journal your feelings
  • Find a creative outlit
  • Find a good support system
  • Write down what you are thankful for
  • Practice affirmations
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I know these may seem like such little things to have accomplished. Especially when you are feeling unaccomplished. These little things amount to huge achievements.

Be proud of yourself.


  • You are living
  • You deserve to live
  • You deserve to have been born
  • Things will get better
  • Ask for help
  • You are loved

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    • Very true Elaine. I think that is what most people regret in life. Caring about the big stuff when they should have took time to enjoy the small blessings of life


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