4 Key Morning Habits for An Epic Day

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Fun fact- I hate waking up in the morning. To be honest, I hate waking up. When I do wake in the morning, it is essential that I get a few things done. This helps me have an epic day even if I do not have the energy to do anything else during the day.

It can take a lot of time to find out what habits will work for you. Luckily, I compiled a list of the most epic things that you can do in the morning to help kick start every day into an epic day

Why habits are good for you

Habit– a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior

A habit is something that we try to get ourselves do to that our bodies eventually have to complete that task. Our bodies get used to the habit so it becomes a sort of second nature.

Habits can be bad. Examples including drugs, painkiller addiction, hanging with toxic people and more.

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Clean the house in the morning

I have been picking up the house by sweeping, cleaning counters and doing dishes in the morning. Helps me stay focused and makes me feel like I accomplished something. Even if i don’t accomplish anything for the rest of the day, at least I picked up. 

I’m not saying to do a full clean. Just pick up trash floating around, sweep and do something

Start your day by Eating something you like

People suggest eggs or oatmeal or whatever healthy thing in the world. 

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But you want something you enjoy, something that makes you happy. 

Want a slice of pizza in the morning then go for it. Just do not make it a daily habit. 

As long as you eat something then you are good to go. 

Do not eat a full dinner meal in the morning. A simple meal is all you need. 

Drink something

Eating makes you thirsty. Drinking makes your body happy and gives you more energy. 

Coffee, tea, orange juice, the list goes on and on. 

I do not like to drink plain water so i mix mine with Gatorade or even buy Propel Lemon water. 

Morning Habit Lists Making

Lists are your best friend Earthling.

  • To-do list for the day
  • Monthly to-do list
  • Weekly to-do list
  • Food shopping list

ProtipColorfiy Everything

It is proven that certain colors change a person’s attitude. Yellow as an example makes someone happy as it reminds them of sun. Black reminds people of the dark, stormy days so it makes us sad. 

Add colors to your list

Try adding your favorite colors to the most important tasks

Indeed has a great post about 8 motivating colors that you can implement into your lists.

opt in


Want to have an epic day then follow these ideas. The best idea is to tweak the steps to your needs. 

~A little ramble~

What bugs me is people give you a list of things to do and tell you to follow the list perfectly. You know what? Sometimes those lists do not fit everyone’s needs. 

They never say ‘Do what works best for you’. That is the key of life. What is best for you may not be best for someone else and that is ok. 

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What is your must-do thing in the morning that you must do? Ps yes I know I put must-do twice.


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