4 Reasons Why Blogging is Better than Youtube

In the age of technology, creating videos online has become the new profession. Even more popular than blogging. One video gone viral can make you $1000s, give you a reality show and more. Blogging has it’s perks but you don’t see many bloggers with reality shows or on the Today show.

Blogging is my thing as I love to write. Closest thing to a book that I could get to. Book in future?? I do hope so.

 Today we are going to dive in a bit and figure out who is better- blogging or Youtube. We explore why blogging is better then youtube.

  If you would be interested in a part 2 of why YouTube is better than blogging, then be sure to tell me in the comments.

1. Not being in Front of a Camera

 Typing on a computer is a wholw lot easier then being in front of the camera. It is safer and can be done anywhere without the added stares.

Sure there are some people like Cry who does gaming videos not showing his face. But he has an amazing sounding voice. I have an awful, shaky voice and hate playing video games

It is fine for someone like PewDiePie. He is handsome, a nice voice and a great personality. For the rest of us, there is blogging.

2. It Cost A Lot of Money 

Being a blogger is cheap. All you basically need is internet connection. It does not matter if you blog via cell phone, tablet, computer. You don’t need fancy equipment. You can of course put money into courses, websites and more but you don’t have to.

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Being a YouTube you need editing software, ring lights, a video camera/phone that’s has great quality video. A ton of time is put into making videos. It can take hours to edit a 10 minute video. You have to make it look movie worthy.

 Blogging can become a full time job where you work 40+ hours a week. If you do it for a hobby, post once a week then you don’t need to spend more then an two hours on your blog.

It is alot more simple to write, edit, post and promote with a blog as a hobby then as YouTube as a hobby

Youtube logo

3. Talking to A Camera Is Odd

 Talking to an inanimate object is odd.

Why do I say that when I talk to inanimate things all the time? :0

Doing it while showing your latest purchase or favorites is odd. There is no one on the other side watching you. I mean talking on a webcam is less strange since you can see someone on the other side.

I tried doing Youtube but the talking in front of a camera just feels odd to me. Like blogging is writing in my journal type. I don’t like vlogging because like I said I hate my voice and looks.

4. You get to work behind the scenes

This brings me back to point 1 of not being in front of the camera. You get to work while no one can see you. You can blog naked if you want. You sure as hell can not upload videos on YouTube naked or else you would get banned.

I like being behind the scenes. Never much of wanting to be front in center. Like here I am world. Even blogging gets me anxious. People reading my blogs, commenting :0 1,000,000 hits in a day on a video I can’t imagine the anxiety that would give. Ok I can since it’s getting me anxious thinking of it.

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I have social anxiety so like I said even blogging is hard sometimes


YouTube can be good for some people. Blogging can be good for some people. It does not matter which is best for you as long as you are being safe and not showing too much information. Never show your house address, id or anything like that. People can be dangerous so be careful and have fun.

   So tell me friends, do you prefer blogging, YouTube or both?? Is your reason different then mine? 
If you have a YouTube channel then leave the link in the commets. And as always leave your blog link also

Part 2 yes or no??

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  1. oops, I didn't finish my sentence before hitting the publish button… What I was going to say is that even though I love my blogging… if I want to take it to the next level, I really do need to consider YouTube… but you can do slides and an avatar, you don't have to put yourself on camera…thx for sharing.


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