4 Reasons Why Youtube is Better than Blogging



  Youtube– the popular video sharing platform. View music videos, view original content, upload original content and more

 Blogging– write content to feature on your very own website

 Both of these sites are great for people to share their opinions. Share the world their experience with life. Take the world inside their life. 

 But which one of these are the better platform? Today we discuss why Youtube is the better platform. In a recent post I wrote 4 Reasons why Blogging is better than Youtube 

Bigger Audience

 Youtube is gaining in popularity everyday. So is blogging but not as fast. 
Let’s take a look at some stats– 
  • There is currently 77 milllion blog posts published each month on WordPress
  • According to Quora , 300,000 videos are uploaded everyday. Judging by that we can guess that 9,300,000 videos are uploaded every month (give or take a few) 
 Since both platforms are different from each other as one is reading and the other is watching videos, these stats really don’t matter. 
Main this is from this point- YouTube is growing at a more rapid pace than blogging is. Youtube will continue to grow until the next big platform comes

Better way to show your personality

 Certain bloggers have a personality in the way they write. They can use stories, humor, certain words, colors… Not the easiest thing to do. I have yet to really define my writing personality. My real life personality  is not one that is even close to being any good. 
 Your whole channel on YouTube is your personality. More people will subscribe to those with a great personality. 
 Take Pewdiepie for example. He is a funny Swedish YouTuber that shows his true self. He shows his humor, his family, his animals, his feelings… You can tell he is a great person to be around. This makes him relatable and one of the most popular creators. 
 It is very easy to exaggerate on YouTube. 90% of the creators do not act like they do in person as on videos. People like it both ways. They want to be entertained but also want to be shown the real you. 
 Youtube is a lot better if you wish to show your true self to people. Like I said, I don’t have much of a personality or even a good one which is why blogging is best for me. 

Easier to earn income

 It is 100 times easier for a youtube video to go viral then it is for a blog post. It is also 100 times easier to gain a bigger audience since there are far more people on the YouTube platform.
 Viral– an image or video that grows in popularity rather quickly. Can be overnight. 
The people who create such videos can appear on various talk shows and in newspaper. If they are lucky enough, they can have their very own reality show or be in movies. This day and age it is quite easy for something to go viral. 
I myself wanted to make a video of my Kobe saying “I love you” viral but it did not happen 🙁 
 Even if your videos don’t go viral, you can be rather successful. An 8 year old toy reviewer made roughly $26million back in 2015. You could be making far more for one Youtube video compared to one blog post. 
 Alot of ads on Youtube these days are not able to be skipper which causes the uploader to gain money. With blogging, you can just scroll past the ad making the blogger gain $0 from that post 


Better to show off do it yourself projects

  Those bloggers who upload diy projects know the hard work it takes to try to explain what they are doing. There is only so much words can tell you. 
 Personally, I am one who needs to be shown what to do rather than told. I have posted some diy’s that have videos that go along with it. My diy’s are easy as pie. 
 With YouTube, you can show the process from a to z. Show how you got from point a to b in detail.
 You can do more complicated diy’s then just popup cards (joke on myself haha) 


 Your goal is to find which of these platforms is best for you. Maybe it is both. I have seen many bloggers start a YouTube channel to grow their blog. It really does help. 
So which do you prefer youtube or blogging or even both?? Would you like to see a conclusion post where we take it further with the pros and cons of both sites? 

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