4 Shocking Truths about Suicide

*This post talks about suicide. Please take caution while reading*

‘I just want to end this horrible life. Nothing is getting better and i feel as though nothing ever will’

Those words sound familiar? Yeah, I say them all the time also. Guess what- this statement above that we agree on, is not true. You may think suicide is your only option or that life sucks and it’s an easy fix. Well it is not. Here today I am to tell you the truth. 

 The truth that maybe you don’t want to hear but what you need to. Read this before anything else

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1, Causes more damage then repairs

I bet you dont know there is people who care about you. People who would actually feel sad that you left. Sure sometimes it takes people dying to make them relize what they ment to someone (which is really a sad fact)

There are those people who have told you. I bet you just did not hear them due to the evil thoughts drowning out anything good.  

2 .Does not always work 

It is not easy and it does not always work. That is thanks to your body again. What happens when what you attempt does not work? For one thing, you can go to rehab for a long time. That really is not as bad as it seems. What is worse? You can cause damage to your whole body. From brian damage to kidney damage to being paralyzed for the rest of your life. 

Why would you even attempt this? 

3.  Not as easy as it seems

13 Reasons Why the popular drama about a teen girl who commits suicide due to 13 reasons. How she commits it is beyond what is realistic

 The truth- what you see on tv is fake even if it is based on real situations. 

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Let’s take breaking your arm and hand to compare it to this scene. Now can you hold something in your broken hand? Can you move your broken arm? So what makes you think you are going to be able to slice your arm from wrist to elbow on the left and using the left arm do the same thing to your right. Yeah near impossible. 

Not to mention your body has a defense system to it. Notice when you get drunk that you tend to vomit. That is your body’s defense saying ‘Hey this is too much for me I must get rid of it’ 

Seems like we are just going back and forth between 1,2 and 3. They all co exist with each other

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4. Not an easy fix

 We revert back to #1 where it causes more damage than it repairs. If you succeed then you have a whole boat of people who is going to be depressed all on your behalf. Some may even try and do the same thing you did. 

What is worse? Say someone gave you a chance to look at what your life would have been like if you were alive 10 years in the future. No lets take that back to a year in the future. What would you see? A happy person who is loved and living thier lifelong dream. Everything for this person that they ever wished for came true all because they chose not to give up. But hey who cares because you chose the easy way out. 

The way out right at the moment. Even though the next day is when your dreams all could have taken off. 

So an easy fix? In the moment, yes. An easy fix for the rest of your life? No.

You never know what is going to happen in the next month, year or even day so why waste it


So this seems like I am all set into not taking your life. Sure I wish to stop you to make you know that people care. I don’t know you and I care. I know that after reading this you are going to chose what you want. I can not change that no matter how hard I try. 

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Truth is- no one can stop you from taking your life no matter how hard they try. Only you can. 

What i do wish you would know is that people care and life will get better. I feel the same way lots of times. 

Why am i on this earth? 

Why am i forced to suffer?

Why will things not change? 

Things will change as things cant stay the same forever. What we can do is make them change. Sit, pray, meditate… anything you can to figure out a way to make a change in your life for the better. 

What can i do that is reasonable that will change my life? 

Moving out. Changing schools. Changing friends. Moving to a new location. There are so many more options to help change your life then there is to stop it. 

So please just take a moment to write down how to change the sadness you are feeling. And if you are still feeling this way then get help before attempting anything. In the show ‘13 Reasons Why’ Hannah tried to get help. She tried to tell people but no one would listen. Try and find the person who will listen and help. I bet there is atleast one person. 

If you need help then you can view my resources page right here

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