5 Most Powerful Lessons from Betty White That Will Improve your Life

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Betty White- actress, comedian, pioneer… There is so much we can say about this woman. There is many more we can learn.

Today, we are exploring Betty White . It was just 17days (Dec 31) before her 100th birthday (Jan 17th) that she went with God. A cherry on top of another sucky year. We are not here to dwell on her death, we are here to celebrate her life.

Here we have the 5 most powerful of the lessons from Betty White. Lessons we learned from her over the years. Lessons which are critical. Lessons that can have you living to be 99 also. Lessons you need to know. Lessons that will change your life

Betty White powerful lessons you can learn from her

Do not have kids

Has she figured out that having no human kids was the key to life? Maybe as she has been married 3 times with (I bet) countless boyfriends (no judgement). 

She does have fur babies. I can tell you first hand, they are just as hard to manage as human kids.

I saw on Twitter a hashtag that says #BettyWhiteChallenge You can see the challenge in the photo below. A really great idea

Betty White challenge. Donate money to animal shelter

Know how to make fun of yourself

If there is one thing that most celebrities are good at, it is poking fun at themselves. It can from their good looks aka ‘Mr Worldwide Handsome’ BTS member, Jin. To their sexual adventures

Poke fun at yourself that way no one has a chance to say anything you have not already said

Betty White did this all the time. Saying how so and so was in love with her. Or that she should have had a sex with someone when she had the chance

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Betty White book
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Eat right

A glass of wine a night ✓


Diet Coke✓

Ok so she really did not have the best diet (or so she says) What we can learn is to never not eat what you want. Sure it may be bad for you but moderation and life is short

Do not fear getting older

This was one thing Betty learned from her mother.
This an excerpt from her 2016 New York Times interview which you can watch here

My mother had a wonderful approach to death, She always thought of it as — she said, ‘We know we have managed to find out almost anything that exists, but nobody knows … what happens at that moment when it’s over.’ And she said, ‘It’s the one secret that we don’t know.’ So whenever we would lose somebody very close and very dear, she would always say, ‘Well, now he knows the secret.’ And it took the curse off of it somehow.””I have no fear or dread of death,”

It  is true, only when you pass do you know the secret of death. Do you not want to know the secret? Sure it may be scary to think of an end. Think of it as a start to a brand new life where you know many secrets.

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Never be afraid to break down barriers

I think the main thing we all can agree on that we learned from Betty was to break down barriers, be a pioneer and not be afraid to be yourself.

She was not afraid to have to have a black tap dancer on her show in 1954. Times when black and whites were not allowed to be friends or anything. She had him on countless times amid anger and complaining. Her show was cancelled but she helped a man’s career.

She was the first woman to do multiple things in television. Read this article on Pbs here

The valuable lesson- Never be afraid to be who you are or your goals. You maye just change history


Happy birthday Betty!!!!

You have lived a long, successful life. God felt he had no other plans for you so home he brought you. Say Hi to Kobe Bryant.

What do you think is the best wisdom Betty ever gave? Favorite moment or tv show of her’s? I loved Hot in Cleveland

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  1. Betty White lived such a beautiful and rich life. She’s most definitely an inspiration to us all and I love how she embraced her age throughout her life. RIP to this queen.


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