5 Ways to Help Your Animal’s Personal Development

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Animals just like humans develop into their own little beings. Humans need to work on their personal development to life their best life.

So how can you help your animal on their journey to personal development? Well, continue reading.

Why should you care about your animal’s personal development?

Many, many reasons

  1. it will help their mood
  2. it is proven that they ways can help them live longer
  3. they will learn new things
  4. it will keep them entertained which means minimal destructive behavior

1. Work their brain

Brain stimulation is most important for everyone’s personal development. 

Ways to stimulate animal’s brain-


One way I help stimulate Kobe’s little brain is by getting him a BarkBox every month. A BarkBox is a  box with snacks and toys that is custom to your dog’s needs. 

It is well worth the subscription monthly cost when I see his face light up when his box arrives.

Meanwhile, one of Kobe’s favorite toys is a bacon ball. Just be warned that it will be non stop squeaking for quite a while. They come in all sizes and colors to please all the nuggets. The odor may be bad (smells like rubber bacon) but it is well worth it

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Hide and seek

Sure most animals are not going to play hide and seek if you ask them. The best bet is to hide randomly and see if they notice. When they do find you, give them a snack

Hide a snack or make a snack trail

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One of the things I love doing is getting a bowl and putting a treat underneath it. I watch in awe at how quickly Kobe figures out how to get the snack.

The snack trail is also a vision test. If they can not find the snacks, then make it easier for them.

2. Excercise them

We are all aware that one of the signs to personal development is physical. This should be applied to animals as well.

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Pay close attention as they can not communicate their pain well.

help your animals personal devlopment
Me and my baby bear, Kobe

3. Talk to them

Not the baby talk. Ok, maybe the baby talk a little. Speak to them as though they are a friend who never talks back because that is what they are. Have conversations with them

5 reasons to talk to your dog

The more words they know, the more behaved and listening they will be. Communication is key to all relationships

It is perfectly normal to talk to your animals. I say hello to every animal I see

happy pet

4. Feed them well

As much as I would love to say I gave Kobe Blue Buffalo all the time, the truth is I did not. He liked his Ceaser so he had wet food for breakfast and dinner. I tried with other wet foods but picky boys will be picky.

All living things need to be fed with plenty of fluids. Make sure there is always fresh water in the bowls. Make sure to feed them every 12 hours or keep a small amount of food in the bowls.

Do not overfeed as you do not want a pudgy one.

Chicken and rice is great as a special treat. It is human food which is why I said special treat.

Pro tip- keep an eye on what you feed them, some things are toxic. Also, keep an eye out for any signs of allergies

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5. Socialize them

The one thing I regret about my boy growing up is I didn’t have friends. Not having friends made me only hang with my mom. This had made my dog, not into people. 

You can socialize them with other animals as long as there is someone watching. Again my boy is scared of other dogs. This has nothing to do with my lack of friends but with people’s lack of watching their dogs. They run away resulting in them attacking my boy. He was just 4 months old when he first got bit (right after his vet appointment) 

With socializing, it is best to be careful as to whom your animal comes in contact with.

A great way to do this is to enroll them in daycare. Yup doggy daycare does exist. It helps you relax while they socialize and have fun.

Pet Smart offers doggy daycare as well as other companies.


Remember when trying to help your animals, it is best to take things easy. They will not be able to communicate well that they are tired.

As always, keep an eye on their physical development. Teeth check, eye check, skin check, tick check… Anything and everything to make sure they stay healthy so you can be together for a long time.

Pro tip- enjoy all the time you have with your animals and people. A sad fact is you never know when someone is leaving this Earth. I wish I gave Kobe more time, I wish I did not sleep as much or was depressed because he just wanted love and to play with his toys. (getting emotional here)

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