6 Ideas for Budget Friendly Autumn Date

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 Hey friends and welcome back to my blog

  The weather is cooling down. The leaves are dying. This can only mean one thing, fall has arrived!!!! Finally as I am done with this simmer heat.

As you sip your Pumpkin Spice Latte, you see well dressed couples and wish they were you. Gone are the days where you were after your sunmer fling. Tis the season to find a partner who can be around from Halloween to New Years and maybe longer.

Finding a partner also means having the money to go on fun dates. As Christmas creeps up, you really don’t want to be spending all your money on dates. Which makes total sense since you want to spend your money on gifts. Good thing Autumn is the best season to cozy up and find fun things to do on a budget.

 You can take any small activity and make it into a fun date. These 6 ideas will teach you a couple that you can try. These ideas are also great for singles to meet potential mates.

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Coffee shops

 Coffee shops are a great way to meet new people.
You can take your new partner to get a latte then go on a stroll. Admire your city and all the sights. Even better to go when all the city Christmas lights come on

Night in

  Of course this is the most inexpensive date option there is. You have your own food to cook, tv to watch and couch to cuddle on. My favorite of all the date nights combined

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Apple Picking

  Crisp autumn air, a basket , you and your partner climbing ladders looking for the best apples. Going back to your place to cook you two up some fresh apple pie. Sounds romantic I know. Not to mention it would make for some great Instagram photos

 Most places usually charge by how much you get. So the more apples, the more money.

Christmas Parade/Light Festival

  It doesn’t cost any money to go to a parade or light festival in your city. You can always sit at home, wrapped in blankets and watch the Macy’s Parade on tv

 If you are single then going to one of these events may be what you need. There usually are 100s of people at these events. You are certain to meet someone new. Or you can bump into a single person you know and hit it off. Nothing better then holiday music and lights to start something


 The holidays are the best time to give back. Sure this may not sound like your typical date night activity. It is great karma, free and it can be lots of fun. It is worth a shot. Even if it doesn’t work as a good date night for the two of you, just know that you did something good for other people. An experience that will change your mind either way

  If you are single then going to volunteer might just be the place to find a partner. You can find someone who cares about giving back which means this person has a caring personality. It is always a great place to meet new people. Not to mention, if a person is volunteering during the holidays this could be a clear indication that they are single. Or or course they could again have a caring soul.


 Seriously yard work for a date? Hear me out.

 Imagine you and your date raking your yard with a gentle breeze of the crisp air. Your mate picks up a pile and throws it at you. Laugh, smiles and leaves float through the air. You two are now engaged in a leaf throwing battle. You fall in the pile of leaves. They lay in that pile beside you. Then BAM make out session.

 See now doesn’t that sound good? Go try it and tell me your results.

  Sorry singles but this really is not the best activity to meet someone.

What is your favorite date night activity to do in the fall? 
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