8 Creative Ways to Fill a Notebook

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 Imagine a blank notebook. Just imagine it. Now imagine what could be written in that notebook. So many endless possibilities. Luckily, I have gathered 8 of my most fun and creative ways to get those notebooks from naked to clothed.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with all your new notebooks then this is the perfect post for you. I know when it was back to school time, I would go to Staples and buy a ton of notebooks. How could you not when they were 10 cents?

So get those notebooks, your creative side and let’s go.

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Top 8 Ways to Fill A Blank Notebook



 What I like to do is keep a notebook at my table to jot down things I need to know. 
I am very forgetful so this helps so much
I also have a notebook for notes when I research for my blog. It has all things like passwords, Pinterest tips, weekly schedule and more. 
Notebook for notes
My notebook I use for my blogging notes and research
My favorite notebook to use is spiral like this one. I just use the other one since I had it for so long and thought it was great


 I used to keep a journal when I was young until my mom found it and started questioning me about things inside. From then on, I wrote things on documents on the computer and would delete it after. No one knew what I wrote beside me. Of course, Fablemoon Says has become like a journal to me without the need for paper. 


 You can add– 
Movie stubs
Restaurant receipt
Then you can write a little summary of how your thoughts. 

It is your journal so make it as creative as you want. The possibilities are endless

 If you don’t want to journal your thoughts, you can write down what dreams you had, poems you wrote, questions for your future self. 


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Bullet Journal

 A bullet journal is a more creative planner. You can design it however you want. You can go to Pinterest and find all types of inspiration. 
 I personally like to buy a planner but I have seen many people use a bullet planner and it really works for them
Get started on your bullet journaling journey with this amazing and giant set

Graditude Journal

There are all kinds of journals as I previously mentioned.

  • Bullet journal
  • Journal of your daily life (usually kept as a teenager
  • Prompt journal

One of the most popular is a gratitude journal. This is a journal where you write what you are grateful for.

I love these. It is something that is great to have when you are feeling depressed. Just look at your notebook and see a reminder of why you should keep fighting.

I do have a post on a Positivity Tree which is almost the same except this is a sheet of paper or even real branches with paper leaves. Where you write what you are grateful for. It is a way to have it always on display. You can read that here (comes with a printable)

Learn more about gratitude journal by clicking here


 One of the most popular lists to keep is a to do list. This is a list where you write down what you want to do. It can be daily, monthly, for travel, future… 

 I personally love to keep to do list when I need to do something that is important. I even have a list of what I need to do with my blog each week
Simple yet effective


 All kinds of ideas. You can write down things for your blog, YouTube or other ideas that you have. 

 I have an ideas book for my blog, for how I want to design my room. what I want to buy.
Spiral idea notebook
My other blogging journal. This one I use for ideas



 If you are into drawing, lettering or anything of that kind then a notebook would be great. They make specific notebooks for making art. These notebooks have blank sheets of paper that are thicker so your markers will not seep through. 

 You don’t need to be a perfect artist to have an art book. It is a common misconception. The point is to have fun and learn how to do things


You can make a whole notebook for traveling. A section dedicated to each place you wish to travel to or been. 

 Example- Maldives
Include photos of the destination
Specific shops or restaurants you like to visit while there
The date when you finally travel there
Photos of your vacation
Some notes about how your vacation went

Frequently Asked Questions


What kind of paper should you use?

 This all depends on what you are using your notebook for. A regular notebook is great for most things. A sketchbook is great for art since the pages are thicker.
 If all else fails then you can make your own using a binder a loose paper.

How often should I journal?

 This again depends on what you are using your notebook for and when inspiration strikes you. You may use your notebook for taking notes every day but only sometimes for a personal journal.
 The amount of time you spend on writing in your journal is up to you


What do I do when I fill my notebook?

 That is a good question. Many people when they are done with their notebook keep it and put it in a safe place. This is especially true for a journal. That way you can look back on the past, see your memories and how you grew.


If it is a notebook for to do list or random notes that you don’t really need in the future or want to look back on, then it is ok to recycle it


A good idea is to keep a notebook with you all the time that way you can jot down anything that comes to mind. Also, keep one by your bed. I know when I am getting to sleep is when my brain goes insane.

Of course, you can use a notebook app on your phone or tablet. I prefer actual paper since I am old school and love the feeling of writing. Not to mention, if you don’t save something on your phone or it breaks then you lose what you created forever.

What are some fun ways you use your notebook for?

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  1. I love journals and I have more notebooks than I can use probably in a lifetime. However, when I am struggling with something, or trying to make a difficult decision I always journal about it. I have a large bound notebook on my nightstand that I will journal in. Sometimes that perspectives changes everything.


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