8 Effective Ways to Reduce Stress At Work

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 If you work at a job you hate then it sucks. If you work at a job you love then it is better. No matter what job you work at, there will still be stressers. That is just apart of life. 
 According to many studies, workplace is among the highest of all causes for stress. 
 Stress is not good for your mental or physical health. It is also not good for your work. This can cause you to lose your job by doing something wrong. Your mind focuses on other things. 
 There are successful ways to help relieve your stress at work. These 8 effective ways help to stop some of the pressure so you can have a better day at work

Begin your day with a prayer or meditation

 Rather than going straight for your phone, take a few moments to meditate. If you are religious then take a few moments to thank God, ask him to make sure you have a good day and anything else you would like to say. 

 You can also start with a dream journal. Write down any dreams you remember. Dreams are an inside into your deep consciousness. Go on Google and search what your dreams meant. 

 Doing these will help relax the brain to help it wake up. Give you a sense of peace rather than starting the day asap.

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Observe your breathing

 When we are anxious or uoset our breathing becomes irregualr, our hearts starts racing faster and it becomes hard to think of anything. Wehn we are releaxed, our breathing and heart is at normal pace. 

  Make sure you take deep breaths in and out whenever you get stressed. This will help calm the body and mind down. 

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Change where you eat lunch

 Use your lunchtime as a way to be with yourself. To clear your mind of what has happened during the day so far. Use this time to focus on your breathing. 

 Look at nature, smell the flowers or look at the birds roaming around. 

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In related news- change what you eat. If you are bringing snacks and unhealthy food to your job then this can effect your mood. Bring some fruit, vegetables and nuts. 

Try drinking water once in a while instead of 10 cups of coffee. Something like Propel or Gatorade that can help build those electrolyte which helps you stay hydrated. Hydration is a key to happiness. Coffee is great but is also gives you the jitters which just makes this that much terrible. 

Try walking in someone else’s shoes

 This does not mean to go steal someone else’s shoes. No, it means to try and see where they are coming from. 

  Maybe they are in a bad mood because life is just treating them bad. Maybe they just need someone to ask if they are ok or need help. You never know what other people are feeling so try and be nice. You never know if that one act of kindness saves someone’s life or makes their day better. 

The best way to confuse someone is to smile at them


Take a sick day


Sometimes you just need some time off. Call into work if things become bad. Take a day for you just to rest and practice a little self care

Don’t call in every week. If you are having that much problem then either speak to someone at work to see what they can do. Or find another job. 


Concentrate on one task, not the outcome or other task you need to do

Worrying about future tasks will just cause unneeded stress. You don’t know what is going to happen in the next few minutes. So why worry about it? Focus on the here and now because it is the only time that you can control.
 If you start thinking of the outcome of the tasks, you will lose focus on them. Worrying about things being perfect just makes them not be perfect. You have to concentrate on the task and one part of the task. Not what the boss or anyone will say or whether it will come out fine. It will come out better when you don’t stress yourself out. 
 If you find yourself starting to think about what needs to be done just breathe and say- “Hey this is not what I should be doing. Let me focus on this task and then focus on the other tasks when I get there”

Do not bring your work problems home

 Work is work, home is home. When you get home, try changing your clothes and going outside by yourself for a few moments to clear your mind. 

 If you are stressed at home about work then it will affect those around you. They will start questioning things and you may become distant. Then when you get to work the next day, you will feel refreshed and ready to take on the new day.

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Do not bring the problems you have at home to work

 This is basically what I was talking about in #7. Home is home, work is work. 
You want to be able to go to work and put a smile on your face. Sure you may have just had a terrible fight or breakup but that has nothing to do with your job. Get your priorites straight. Your priority right now is work so get your work done. Then when work is done, deal with life. 

When to find a new job

 Deciding to leave a job may be scary but if it not working out in your favor (especially your mental health) then it is time to leave. 

Signs to leave-

  • You tried all these tips
  • Your body and mind is saying stop
  • You talked to your boss and they are no help
  • You even went to therapy
  • You feel physically and mentally attacked
  • You feel you are headed for a breakdown
  • You know it is not fair on your work or coworkers

No amount of money is worth risking your health wether physical or mental

In the long run you will be doing yourself and your work a favor. When you mental health struggles so does life around you. So make sure you leave to a less stressful job before you breakdown. 




  Work does not have to be one of the millions of stresses that you have to deal with. 
There are ways to help. These are just 8 ways, there are plenty more methods. 
If you know some more helpful tactics then do leave them down in the comments.

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