8 Random Facts About My Mental Health

*Trigger warning. Read with caution. I also link o post that may cause triggers. Click with caution*

  Mental health is different for all of us. John might not go outside because of his social anxiety. Sarah might not sleep because of her depression. Alex might self-harm to get rid of his emotional pain.

This post I am talking all about my mental health. Things many people don’t know. I like to be open with everyone who reads Fablemoon Says. That way you can feel like someone else gets you. If you have any issues like the one’s I am telling then please leave a comment. Tell me something someone does not know about your mental health.

I am who i am text on mountain background

1. I am not a people person

This goes on to #2. People lie, cheat, steal… Anything that will help them succeed in life. They do not care about other people. They want what they want and what they think they deserve. They are the most dangerous species on the planet.

This and my not trusting of people may make me seem like a cold person to most. It is for my own protection, my own mental health. I really am not the nicest person probably because of what I have been through.

Call me mean. I don’t care. Your opinions of people won’t change who I am or how I feel. People scare me. I can do a whole post on why I don’t like people and it would be like 2000 words long. me rambiling on and on. If you want to read that then tell me

2. I don’t trust easy

 It seems that every time I try and trust someone, it always backfires. If I trust you then you are lucky. If you break my trust then there will be no more ms nice girl.
 “I trusted you to bring me to the concert, I paid you in advance to bring me. You failed me. You lied to me. You yelled at me and everyone else yelled at me saying it was my fault. You are the one I counted on, you are the one who hurt me.”
 It is better not to trust than to get hurt.

3. I sleep a lot

 I hate having to wake up in the morning since I know what I have to deal with. The same horrible thing daily. I hate it. The only thing that keeps me not sleeping all day would be my dog, Kobe.


4. I self-harm

 I have written about this countless times. Read them here I started when I was younger and still continue to self-harm into my 30s.
When will I be able to stop? I am not sure since it takes a lot of time.


5. I like animals more than humans

 I have a whole post on Why Animals are Better than Humans That contributes to my liking of animals more than humans.
 Sure I have been bitten by animals but never emotionally hurt so much as humans have hurt me.
I have lost animals due to going to Heaven. Never have I lost them due to arguments, moving away or pettiness.
 Humans suck. I am not saying you who are reading this sucks. I don’t know you. I am saying humans in general suck. There are a few decent people I have met in my life. Decent people, I can name with one hand.
 I would just rather be bite by an animal than emotionally bit by a person
Photo of Norfolk terrier
My boy ⬆️⬆️😍😍

6. I have never had a boyfriend

  I tend to run away any time a guy even remotely shows interest in me. I want one but I have my rules right now. All things apply unless I find a guy who changes things. It is not being picky, it is I am scared. Scared to be loved, scared to have someone think I am someone who they want to marry, who they want to spend the rest of their life with.
A. I don’t want to see you 24/7
B. I don’t need to talk to you 24/7
C. I need my space
D. My dog needs to like you and you him

7. I don’t have any friends

To be honest, I have not had a friend since I was in high school about 14 years. Sometimes I get lonely.  90% of the time I am good being by myself.

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If I ever do get friends then they will have sorta the same process as my future boyfriend. Like I said, I don’t trust easy so if you have my trust then it’s like winning the lottery

 Why do you think I don’t post often. The reason is because the fear of my blog growing. I want to gain money from my blog like any other bloggers. I am just afraid of so many people reading.

8. What my mental health feels like

 So of course, everyone’s mental health issues feel different. This is just mine.
 It’s that feeling you get when you see your crush or someone cute. Butterflies, nausea, wanting to run away; you know all the good stuff. 
Now imagine those butterflies are vicious blood hungry monsters bent on destroying everything from your body to soul. The only thing you can focus on is those butterflies. Those butterflies don’t even exist out of your imagination. You get so caught up in thinking of fact things that your heart stars racing as if it is trying to run away from the butterflies. You turn nausea as if you saw something really gross (insert something gross that makes you sick)


Now you know me a little more. It is ok if you don’t like people. It is ok if you never want friends. It is up to you.

Only thing in life you need to do is to try and be kind to everyone and everything. Anger happens. Just no harming,

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