A Date for Valentines Day

So today Moonshine is off to the ball but does she have time enough to find a date or will she be forced to go alone? Make sure to read and find out.

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Enjoy 🙂 


The Valentine’s Day ball is quickly approaching and Moonshine has yet to find a date. 

‘Oh Moonpup what am I going to do?’ Moonshines voice trembles as she asks Moonpup
      ‘The ball is tonight and I have no date. As the Moon princess everyone expects me to have a dashing man by my side. I don’t want to disappoint mom & dad.’  Moonshine paces back and forth. 
   ‘I shall call up Jazzabell & see if she knows anyone that knows anyone with a single man I could borrow for the night.’ 
She rings Jazzabell & talks on the phone with her for hours about everything but a date. 
   ‘Oh snap Moonpup I forgot to ask if Jazzabell knew any single men.’  The brooding expression in her light eyes become evident.
Then like a lightbulb turning on in her head, Moonshine caught an idea.
   ‘Maybe, just maybe, I will go alone’. Moonshine exclaims to Moonpup
Off like a breeze Moonshine goes to get ready for the ball.
Moonshine dances back and forth as the music in the background flows threw her ears. A good feeling she has about the night.
All dressed and ready, Moonshine heads out the door.
             ‘Wish me luck’ She says to Moonpup as she kisses him goodbye
Her stomach in knots as she arrives at the ball. A deep breath in and she is ready to go in. People stare, whispering, wondering where her date is. It’s not like a royal to arrive without a date on their arms. She smiled as she walked past the crowd. She knew she looked good and did not need a date. 
With open arms both her mother and father greeted her. 
     ‘My girl I am so proud that you came without a date. I was told by my parents to bring a friend of the neighbors, whom I hated. My night did not go so well. I forced a smile the whole night.’ Moonshines mom gently whispers in her ear with a warm embrace 
 Eventually the people moved on from dateless Moonshine. 
Tall, dark and handsome man wandered over to Moonshine at the punch table. Glanced at her with his blue eyes, mumbled ‘You look beautiful’ as he asked if she would like to dance. 
Moonshine was grateful that she didn’t bring a date. She danced the night away with this boy. And will see him again at a later time for dinner and a movie. 


A happy ending for Moonshine at the ball. What will happen on her date with the tall, dark and handsome boy?? You will have to wait until next time. 

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