Best Moto G Stylus 5G Accessories You Should Own

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The Motorola G Stylus 5g came out in 2021. I had to get my hands on it. As I had the original Motorola G Stylus and loved it.

The best thing about buying a phone (besides taking it out and playing with it for the first time) is buying all the accessories you can.

With millions of gear that come in colors and designs, it could be hard to figure out what to buy. In this post you will learn the best accessories to buy for you new Moto g stylus.

What is the Stylus 5g

It has a stylus the also is like a pen with a fun clicking sound. If you like fidget spinner toys then this phone is for you for the stylus alone. I don’t use my stylus much unless I am wearing mittens or playing with the clicking.

It is 5g connected and has a boatload of cameras.

A top budget android phone that will soon be getting Android 12!!!!

Just a few pros and cons as this is not a full review on the phone. You can see full reviews on GSMArena


  • No wireless charging
  • No nfc which lets you connect your cards with your phone for paying without cards


  • Fingerprint scanner
  • Charges wicked quick

Screen Protector

I know a lot of people who don’t use screen protector. This is much needed as it protects your phone from fingerprints and germs. It can also protect your phone from damage when falling.

My favorite is the Tempered Glass Screen Protector on Amazon here which comes with 2 protector, card to help put it on, cleaner and even stickers. It is so fun when I need to change the protector. I love breaking it since it like a glass type material that is just fun. I wish they made tempered glass so you can just mess with as it’s very relaxing.

This has legit saved my screen from cracks. I thought my screen was cracked but it was just the screen protector so I was able to breathe a little.

The main thing about a screen protector is getting one that fits your case and is durable.

Blue pink background with phone. Black text saying get off your phone and enjoy life

Phone Case

Much needed if you want to save your phone when you drop it. Especially with the Moto g stylus which is a very thin phone that will be done if dropped the wrong way

They come in all colors, materials, fittings and more.

What is best to get?

They say the best is something like this a shockproof dual layer case. It features a rubber covering with a plastic cover that you put over it. Really hard to get off but does it’s job.

If you are going in the cute factor then you want something like what I have UNC cell phone case owl What I love besides the beautiful design is the rubber material which makes the case quite easily removable. A shockproof case with a bumper with just one object

Owl phone case for the moto g stylus 5g

Extra Charger

A friend comes over and needs to borrow your charger, they leave and “accidentally” take it with them. Oh no know you have no way to charge your phone 🙁

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That is why an extra charger is needed. You could go to the phone store or Best Buy hoping they have your charger. Most people don’t carry the quick charger that the Stylus needs.

Best bet is to go on Amazon and buy it there. Quick delivery if you use Prime and the same exact charger they sell with the phone. Buy it here

Can we get cute chagers please? These plain black or white ones are just so plain.

Make sure you get a charger that fits your phone. C type do not fit other type of phones.


I love using headphones when I walk down the street so no one talks to me and so I can disconnect. They only thing is that I can’t hear anything which freaks me out.

What headphones does one get?

This all depends on your particular style you like.

In ear headphones are perfect when you want to make it seem like you are talking to yourself. Bad for people like me with tiny eardrums.

Over the ear headphones are perfect for tiny eardrums. You can even get one with cat ears that light up. Perfect for any fan of PewDiePie

PewDiePie with cat ear headphones for best cell phone accessories

Behind the ear the same thick ear piece but instead of going on top of your head these go behind your head

Bluetooth headphones are perfect for those who want a wireless hearing or talking via with your headphones on.. They make over the ear, in ear and any other ear type you want. I got over the ear and behind the ear in Bluetooth.

Portable Power Bank

Essential for one the go charging. Again they come in various charging styles. Great for if you play Pokemon Go or always on your phone and for emergencies.

One time charge– this means it is only good for charging your phone once

Multiple charge- this lets you charge your phone multiple times. My favorite is the Anker which charges your phone 3 times and charges very quick

Solar charger- If you live somewhere that is very sunny then these are perfect for you. Riapow charges most phones up to 8 times which is alot more then most.

The thing about getting portable charger is you need to make sure it fits your phone. These can range from $10 to $100s. Depending on the phone you have is dependinton how much juice you get from this little guys.


These accessories are not only useful for the Motorola G Stylus but also for any other types of phone.

Your phone is your lifeline so why not make it suitable and personal for you.

Of course I normally do not do tech posts but I just love the Moto G Stylys series so much. I am thinking about even upgrading to the 2022 version when my upgrade is due.

What phone do you have? What accessories do you use the most with it?

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