Best New Books You Should Buy Right Now

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Books- the one thing that has lasted centuries and will continue to last for more. Books can take you to a new world and make you feel less alone. When computers die out, books will still be there.

There are literally a billion books. Actually, according to My Book Cave, there were over 134 million books since 2016. We are now 6 years past that so it probably is double.

Of course, you can’t have that many books in your collection nor could you even read that many books. Luckily we can narrow the titles down to different categories with a few books you should own. Books that will transform your life for the better. Some are just fun to read. Some that will help you better understand the world.

Today we are talking about the must-have new books that you need to have in your collection. I break it down into categories and give a small summary of the book.

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Self Development

We knew this would be the first topic.

Atomic Habits

It takes over 2 months to learn or break a new habit. Bad or good. Atomic Habits is a book about how to break those habits that are bad. Improve your everyday life with this helpful book that teaches you in simple terms.

Buy Now :0 me shocked face right now as I had the book as Atomic Bombs

The Four Agreements

This book is based on Four powerful, ancient Toltec wisdom. Wisdom that will help give back what self-doubting has taken from us. Wisdom that will help you to live a life of true happiness, freedom and love.

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The four agreements are

  • Be impeccable with your word
  • Don’t take things personally
  • Don’t make assumptions
  • Always do your best

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reading is fun, book


Goodnight Moon

The book that started my love for moons and astronomy. It is not a new book but it is a book that all parent should read to their children.

Basically saying goodnight to everything. To be honest, I don’t know why people think this is a creepy book. It is cute the bunny has to say goodnight to everything in his room. I highly doubt it was made to be creepy

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Normally I don’t talk about religion as it is a touchy subject. I did see this book and thought “Wow now this seems like a God book everyone should own”

For those wondering, I am an ominous which believes that all religions have some truths to them. No one religion is above all. I am also a Wiccan

Revealing Revelations

How God’s plan for the future can change you life now” There is a workbook you can get also. It is basically telling what will happen to people after the end of times. Take God’s hand before and you will be ok.

Buy Now protip- read your post before publishing them. Another book I got the title wrong

Jesus Calling

It is no wonder why celebrities and people all over the world rave about this book. 365 days of widsom from various bible scrips to help with everyday life. To get a little more Jesus.

I use it when I feel down which is alot. I go to any date and read what it says. It is just a small reminder that we are not alone and someone is rooting for us.

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Lady In Waiting

Finding love is hard. While waiting for that perfect someone, it is good to have God. He will show you love and the right path to find that right one.

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The only con I have of this book is that it does say something about purity aka not having sex. You don’t have to not have sex while you find your love. Go have fun while on your road.

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Collage of books with lady reading.



From acclaimed horror storyteller Stephen King comes this fascinating book. Based on a seventeen-year-old boy who inherits the keys to a parallel world where good and evil are at war. No a new concept but intriguing. Buy Now

If it Bleeds

Yet another horror book from Stephen King. This time it is 4 shorter stories in one book. A must-have for the horror fans and for cat fans as the cute little kitty ?? Meanwhile, how cute is the cover??

if it bleeds, horror book
This image is from Walmart but you can buy the book on Amazon


What millennial (people born 1981-1996) did you not have the Goosebumps books growing up as a kid? It was a staple like the original Furby Between Good Night Moon, Goosebumps and Babysitters Club, I could not explain the best books we had

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Invisible Men

Trailblazing black artist come together in this comic book detailing the real-life heroes of the black community. A must-have comic

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50 Shades of Grey

Not everyone’s cup of tea because of the sexual content. But I did want to put it out there so your fantasies can run wild.

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It Ends With Us

If something seems to good to be true does that mean it is? A new romance has Lilly thinking of a past love. When her past returns, will she run to him or stay with this new guy?


Harry Potter

Will there ever be a reading post I don’t mention Harry Potter? Yes, I know this is far from new but some people have yet to read the books or even know the story ?? Shock I know. So go read the books and get in the know. Another millennial staple

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There you have it some new and some old books that you must have.

What is your favorite niche of books? What is your favorite book?

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  1. Harry Potter and Good Night moon have always been two of my favorites! A few years ago I also got my kids a Disney version of the Good Night Moon called Good Night Groot.


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