Best Underrated Apps for Blogging- What I Use


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 There are millions of apps on Google Play and Apple Store. Millions of downloads per day, per hour. With millions more being made every day

Did you know that you could find apps that will help with blogging? These apps can be downloaded straight to your enabled phone or tablet. Most apps these days can be shared over all devices you have. 
 We all know the best apps are free, easy to use and make life or what you are doing easier. 
Today I am sharing with you various apps I use for blogging that are all of these and more. They are great for bloggers of new, experience or in-between. These apps are underrated and I think deserve way more attention. 
So let’s get straight into it.
Note- I use Android devices and some of the apps appear not to have an Apple version but I did link what I thought was related and would work

Blogger (Panel) 

  I have tried basically all the blogging apps on my phone. They either always fail to upload my post and I have to redo it all over again or they just don’t have the features I like. 
 This app I can save without worrying what I wrote will be deleted. I can use all the same features here as I can using the web. It is easy and free. 
 See your stats, comments
Edit your post, pages, layout and more
All the editing features as on the site. Blogger app only has bold, underline, italics. 
You must use two fingers in order to scroll up. Which can sometimes be a pain

Photo Collage Maker-

 This is an app I use to create many photos that you can see on my Instagram
 You can create collages, decorate just one photo or even patch a photo onto another photo. Bloggers can use them for Instagram , create the phots to include in their post or create pinnable images for Pinterest. 
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Learn how I made this photo by clicking here

best underrated apps for blogging
Learn how I made this photo by clicking here
Many different fonts, stickers, temples
Sometimes when I go to add an image from the search area, it says no connection

Writer Plus

 This is the app I use for taking notes. It is a simple app but works very well
Dark mode
Word count
Share via image, text file

Honorable Mentions

Google Keep A note-taking app that you can share via all your devices. Write in various color notes and more Apple Android
Pinterest An app for the website. I like to pin things when I have the free time or nothing to do. Bloggers know that Pinterest is one site that can generate loads of traffic. I have yet to do that but it does take time.  There are plenty of free courses you can try of you want to increase your views (not sponsored)
Evernote– This is a great note app also. You can clip pages from the web, scan documents into the app via your camera and even attach pdfs plus more. Now I don’t use this app on my phone since I find it to be a bit buggy. That could just be my phone or network but it is great on the computer. 

Best underrated apps for blogging


 These are just a few that I use. There are millions more that will fit any of your blogging needs. Millions more that are added daily. 
I hope you find these apps I included to be useful and fit your needs. 
 If you would like to see various websites I use for blogging then leave a comment. 
If you would like any other posts related to what I use for blogging then leave that in the comments also

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