Best Underrated Sites for Blogging

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 There are millions and billions of websites located on the internet. Websites where you can information on anything and everything you ever need. This includes blogging. 
 Since there are so many websites to use for blogging, many great sites can go under the radar. 
 Recently, I did a post on best-underrated apps for bloggers On that post I asked if you wanted to see what sites I use for blogging. Everyone said yes. So today we are talking about some websites I frequently use. 
 These are the websites I think deserve far more attention than they get. Sites that to me have gone under the radar. Some you may have heard of. Some you may question why. 
 Hopefully you will learn some new sites that you love with this post. Make sure to check out the sites even if you don’t wish to. That is the only way of finding out if you like something



 This site is most popular for bloggers. Here many chose to create their Pinterest and blog images. It is important for bloggers to have visuals in their post. Canva is great for all types of visuals. Infographics are the best. 
 I have used Canva for my blog photos, infographics and for my free content

  • Free
  • Free 30-day trial
  • Million of free graphics per social media platform
  • Most cool things have to be paid for
  • $12 a month paid. Which is really not too bad

 I used the 30-day free trial because it comes in handy to change my font. Which I have changed using the site below ⬇️⬇️

Font Bundles

  I have been playing with all the free font from Font Bundles to see which is the best. Some are cute but not practical for blogging. I was looking for one closest to my font of choice for Fablemoon Says which is Emily’s Candy
I have chosen Enbick as my font of choice. Below is my image using Canva and the Enbick font.  ⬇️⬇️ 
 Free font is great because you can download your free or paid fonts to use in a matter of seconds. It took me 6 minutes to download and try possibly 20 different fonts to try on Canva.  
 There are so many free fonts I still have yet to check out. There are 8 pages and I want to try 80% of the fonts in my photo

Master the SEO

 This site I chose because it has a lot of great information on starting a blog and SEO. 
This is the site I use for my table of contents It is easy to set up when you are using a hosting site such as blogger. 
I know WordPress has its own table of contents option.  


 This is another site like Canva. You can upload your own image or use one of the free images they have. This was the site I used before discovering Canva. 
I often use this site to add font to certain images. It just is more quick and easier for me than Canva. 

This is the type of image I would use. This is also the site I use to create my signature you see at the end of my posts. 
  • 100% free
  • Resize
  • Add elements like cute clip art

  • Less options than a site like Canva

Honorable Mentions

Coschedule not only does this site have the best headline analyzer, they also have tips to make your headline stand out
Tweak your biz for all the help with creating a great title. Just put in some keywords and press enter
Reedsy for the writer. Learn about dialogue, how to publish a book or how to write a book
Income School This is a YouTube channel that I have learned alot from. They have 144k subscribers and they deserve way more
Some podcasts Jenna has wrote a post on 4 podcast that she favors that would be great for bloggers or influencers


 There you have some websites I use that are underrated and deserve more attention. There are so many other sites that I have failed to mention. I am only one person who has not gone through the whole internet. 

 If you know any more then feel free to leave them in the commments. I am always looking for resources to help improve my blogging.
 If you would like to see a post on Youtube channels that I watch for blogging help, then please do tell me.
Created using Canva. Blog url font is Enbick

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