Best Undiscovered wellness gifts for men

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Let’s face it- men and women are different. What will work for women’s wellness may not work for men. Luckily there are specifically designed wellness gifts for men.
Do not get me wrong here- any gift for men can be used by women and vice versa. Men are wired differently. They need something that will make them feel masculine while still working on their personal development
Since not many people talk about men and wellness, today we are. Undiscovered goodies that will help in all development to be the best man he can be. So let us see what they are. Keep your guy in mind while you read this. Some great ideas for birthday or Christmas that he will never suspect.
What are the best-undiscovered wellness gifts for me?

Grilling sets

What does cooking have to do with wellness? Everything.
Eating right will
improve your brain
Help you sleep better
Make your body feel great
Helps with certain diseases
Many of the men I have met have said they love grilling. Having control over meat is high on their manhood list. 
A pack of 20 spice sets is perfect for anyone who loves cooking.
bbq and grill icons

Exercise equipment

Other than cooking, men love working on their bodies. We all know the benefits of exercise.
Here is a rundown of some-
Physical stamina is improved
Boost your mood
Social benefits if you meet someone at the gym
Boost your energy
Exercise equipment can range anywhere from weights to a yoga mat to a basketball hoop. Shooting hoops is quite the workout. 
Get them the gift they will cherish forever, Nike running shoes. Everyone (especially males) needs some Nikes in their life
clipart of guy running on treadmill


Food✓ Body on 100%✓ Now these guys need to work on their outer appearance.
What better to do that than with grooming sets? 
A spa life sandalwood gift set that will pamper him the way he deserves to be. 
Do not think that your guy will not like those lavender oils that you have. He definitely will.
Pro tip- put a dab of lavender oil on your neck for relief from stress and anxiety.


married couple grooming clipart


Customization products

Customizing products can help ease your mood and relax the brain. It is also a great creative outlet.
What kind of customization is up to you.
 Custom design products that you buy only. With these products, you upload your images and they do the work for you. For example Etsy you can customize notebooks, pens, shirts…

Customize a katana sword

An actual sword that you can display or play with.
So what is it about Katana swords that are so cool? They have been around for centuries thanks to the Japanese Samurai who would use them back in the early 12th century.
The Katana is known throughout the world as being a superior sword with an unparalleled level of strength and versatility.
Katana has become more popular recently due to it being a competitor in various Anime shows such as Demon Slayer.
Why not be the cool kid on the block and have a customized sword far superior to others? I would choose a purple sword with gold casing. How beautiful is this purple carbon steel blade? You can purchase one just like this on Romance of Men found here
custom katana sword
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When you think of crafts, you think of glitter and paper. These are not the crafts I am talking about. Sure those are great for wellness and some men love to make cute things.
I am talking about building crafts. Like Legos or  Harry Potter crest building kit (I am Hufflepuff)
Men are grown-up children. Crafts help the man go back to when times were easier.
Most men are so “manly,” that they think they can do anything. Building things make them feel more masculine which helps their self-esteem. You can get a nice tool kit. Then every birthday and Christmas you can buy more pieces for his collection. Then maybe even get some 

Why spend money when you can do it yourself
There is even a hand casting kit that you and your husband or boyfriend can do together. Can you say romantic date night 🙂
Too old for Legos and too high maintenance for tools? Then try this wood carving kit. You can make a bird 



Everyone can benefit from help with their physical and mental health. Pressure affects us all no matter what gender or age.
I hope these wellness gifts give you some ideas of what to buy your man or yourself.
Self-care is self-care. Do what helps your inner self heal. Men if that is getting a manicure or a spa day then you get them. Ladies if that means building a bird feeder then you build the best one.
Men- what is your idea of a relaxing day?


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