Best Ways to Find Love in Los Angeles

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 Los Angeles better known as the city of Angels. With so many single, beautiful, rich people residing in the city, one can find it hard to find love. 
 There is hope for all. Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in America. You are bound to find love of all sorts. 
 Today we are  going to talk about the best ways to find love in Los Angeles. This post will give you ideas on where and how to find the love you desire. 
Please note that as we speak there is a pandemic going on. Some places may be closed for the moment so be sure to call first and take the right steps to prevent infection to yourself as well as others

The Grove

 The hotspot for finding everything from fashion to food to even love. The Grove has everything one can look for. All sorts of people migrate from all over the world just to go to the famous spot.
 Not to mention during Christmas time with the lights and music, it is a great destination to just walk around on a date. 

Online Dating Sites

 In the age of 2020, many people can not go outside to date. Instead they find themselves looking for love online. 
 Online websites help dating in Los Angeles even easier. You can find local people who have the same interest as you do in the Los Angeles personals Instead of having a long distance relationship, this give you access to find people in your area. 
 I have never tried online dating because of my wicked bad social anxiety. I think I tried it once maybe to see what all the fuss was about. The concept is great. In a few months or so when I am better, I will try it again. 
  If you have never tried it then go ahead. You can’t be afraid of trying something new. 

About 22% of couples who meet online end up getting married

 The best thing about online dating, dressing in pjs. Until you meet the person or video chat them, the only time you have to dress to impress is when you take your profile photo. No one is going to be the wiser if you are looking at people’s profile or talking to them in the nude 😉


 If you are a person of special taste then going to any one of the various museum will help.

Imagine meeting the love of your life while looking at The Starry Night by Van Gogh at The Getty Center. Your eyes meet as you admire the fantastic artwork. 
 The man says ‘Oh I just admire Van Gogh’s way of painting’ 
You reply with a ‘Yes he is my favorite’ 
 You talk about the details in the painting then before you know it you two are out having coffee and falling in love

Some Advice

  • Be yourself
  • Dress to impress
  • Be nice
  • Be careful
  • Wear your mask (if you still have to) 
  • Take the right action
  • Try something new
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 Finding love is hard no matter where you reside or look. If you are patient, take the right measure and be safe than you can find something that is worth your time. Someone who you can marry, have kids with and have your happy ending. 
Sometimes not true love or even someone to bring home to the family. You can certainly find a hookup 80% of the time lol. 
 The only thing that matters is you find someone who shares your passions, hopes and dreams, someone who is kind to you and everyone else. Someone not toxic. Be sure you are also not the toxic person in the relationship. 
  Be sure to try these best ways to find love ideas. You will have fun no matter the outcome. Good luck in your quest to find love xx
What do you think about online dating? 

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