Best Web Traffic Secrets from Experts 2

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers by Russell Brunson

 In his new book Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers, entrepreneur Russell Brunson reveals the classic and foundational direct marketing techniques that will allow you to be at the front of new trends and see opportunities that are invisible to everyone else. Russell can share how to master evergreen traffic strategies in order to fill your website and funnels with your dream customers.

 You may recall my last post we talked about Part 1 of the Traffic Secrets book. So far I am really digging the book as it offers great tips to drive traffic and learn about ourselves and our audience. If you are not caught up then you can read that here. Let us take a look back at what we learned

1.  Figuring out who your dream customer/reader is
2. Finding where to find that customers-The Dream 100
3. Attracting the customers
4. Following, commenting and more your Dream 100 sites
5. Sending emails to subscribers and such
6. Using those emails to your advantage
7. Working on your platform to get the Dream 100

 Now that we have looked back at Part 1, let us continue on to Part 2. Part 2 covers how we can fill our various social media with our dream customers.  We are going to take a look at the secrets offered by Russell and decide

If they work
Is it helpful
How will it help you
How I will be using them

 So now that we got that covered, lets jump right in. Remember 2 weeks from now we will be covering Section 3 which is the final section of the book.
If you have the book then follow along, if not then you can get it here

Chapter 8 Fill Your Funnel Organically (Working your way in)

  Here we learn “The goal of social networking is to invite people back to your home and from there to introduce them to your funnels”

 Basically meaning to attract the viewers to our website. If we have a nice social media then we must have a nice website. We make sure our social media is a correlation to what our blog is about. Don’t try and sell products instead try and make friends. Afterall social media started out as a way to make friends worldwide.

 Russell says we must look at our social media as a business. I for one like to make my social media reflect who I am. Sure I am trying to get you to go to my site but I want for you to know who is behind the site. This is why I post photos of my dog or various things I like along with posts related to my blog.

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Chapter 9 Fill your Funnel with Paid Ads

  Not many people like to buy ads but Russell says go ahead.

 For me, every so often I will buy a $1 ad that lasts 1 day. This is to promote my photo which leads to my site. I only do it for the most important posts. Does it work? Sometimes but it is only supposed to bring in 30 extra views.
Eventually, I will move on to maybe $2 for an ad that has the option of generating 100 more views. 

 This section is optional


Chapter 10 Instagram Traffic Secrets

  Here Russell teaches us about the history and goal of Instagram. I love Instagram the most since I love photography.

 Our first step with every platform is to make a Dream 100 list. 100 or so people that have already got your dream customer.

 Then we must follow them. Get inside their head. What do they post that we should?

What captions are they writing?
Identify their strategy and make our own like plan.

 Instagram is all about photos so make sure they are catchy, colorful and attractive. There are even various themes you can make your Instagram with your photos. I have tried themes but they never work.

 The caption is also important. This must inspire, entertain or educate your followers. You want to draw them in. Try relating to your audience. Then try asking a question or another call to action.

 Then Russell talks about stories, Instagram tv, story highlights.. All the extra fun stuff on the site.

 There is also a little figure that will help with your publishing plan. Below you can see the plans for Instagram, Facebook and Google (just a little sneak peek for you) Make sure you get the book for more

Page from the book traffic secrets
Page from the book traffic secrets
Page from the book traffic secrets

 The goal of all this is to form traffic from our social media back to our website.

 My schedule may not be the best but so far it is working for me-


Sunday is blog photo
Monday is a photo of animals
Tuesday is a break day
Wednesday is where I display my writing
Thursday is a snippet from my newest post or quote that is like my post
Friday sometime I do Follow Friday
Saturday is a break day

Overall this chapter is very informative for those who need some help or are new to the site

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Chapter 11 Facebook Traffic Secrets

Chapter 12 Google Traffic Secrets

Chapter 13 Youtube Traffic Secrets

Basically, we are doing what we did for Instagram for other social media

1. Learn the history and the goal
2.  Find your Dream 100  on the platform
3.  Identify the publishing strategy and create your publishing plan
4. Work your way in
5.  Buy your way in
6. Fill your funnel

Like I said before, these chapters are good for people who need a little extra help with learning the sites or who are new to them. I think the Google chapter is the one that has the best information since it talks about keywords.

Russell says you don’t need to have all the social media to be a success. Some work better than others at gaining views and customers.  




Chapter 14 After the Slaps and the Snaps

 Here we are using the blueprint above for every new traffic opportunity that we come across. It can be used for any platform.

Chapter 15 Conservative Domination

 Here Russel talks about how you should not be posting the same thing on all social media. Each social network is different like Instagram is for photos.
 Russell uses a show that he scrips for Facebook and Instagram live. This way he can have individual assets for each of his platforms.
 For me, I usually post my blog on Sunday than on Thursday for Instagram I will post a photo of a quote or something related to that week’s blog post. I can also add as a Facebook story. Here I am using my main funnel as a way to gain conversation on all my networks.


  Thus ends Section 2 of Russell Brunson’s Traffic Secrets book. This week we have learned some valuable information=
How to take each network and bring it back to our main funnel
Blueprints for each funnel to gain traffic
Those blueprints gave some valuable tips for publishing to various social media
  There is still a lot of information that I did not cover in the book. That is where is it your job to get the book.
 Be sure to join me in 2 weeks where we will be talking about Part 3 which is the final section of the book. 
If you have any questions or comments then please leave them down below

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