How to be Sure You Got a Great Friend

Hey friends and welcome back to my blog. Friendships come and friendships go, this we know is certain. The best friendships last forever even if you drift away. You know you can still count on that friend and reconnect with them once you see them again. Recently I did a post called 8 Top Ways to Tell … Read more

My Letter to Self Harm

*May be triggering* I think writing this helped me come to some understanding of my self harm. Really is no pictures besides the feature image since it is a personal letter I am sharing. I wanted to inspire you to write to your mental health. Tell it how you feel and how you will try … Read more

My Anxiety Story

We all have our bouts with anxiety. For some it is just when they are stressed out. For others, it is all the time. I am one who experiences anxiety all the time, especially in social situations. Down below is my story of how and when I realized something may be wrong with my head. … Read more