Easy Suprise Valentine’s Day Card Tutorial


Ok have you ever gone to the store to buy a valentine gift only to notice everything is so expensive? Not to mention the cards are just lackluster and the same every year. Nothing fun or original.
You want to give a gift that is from the heart. Ya know since Valentine’s is all about hearts and showing someone how much they mean to you.
You could take a paper and fold it in half, draw on it, write a sweet note and call it a day. BORING. Why not mix is up.
Today we are making a fun, but easy card that everyone will love. It even has a secret compartment where you can put some chocolate or a ring *wink wink men or women*
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Materials Needed

  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • A plastic straw
  • Glitter
  • Marker
  • Ruler


  1. Trace a heart on the sheet of paper. This is going to be used as the bottom. You want to make sure it is big.
Here is a YouTube tutorial that shows and easy way to cut a heart out of paper
  1. Trace a heart about 2 inches smaller then the bottom heart. Making sure it is 2 inches on all sides.
Heart on black paper Heart on cardboard
  1. Take the smaller heart and fold it in half. You are going to cut a small hole in it. When you unfold it, you should notice 2 small cuts.

 I totally did mine wrong but I made up for it

  1. This is where you will make your hearts pretty. Or you just leave it the color of the paper. I made a sort of plaid design on the small card and the back of the big one
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5. Now is the time to cut the top and bottom of the bow. Cut 2 triangles about 3 inches wide. Cut out 4 trapezoid shapes

Craft heart and bow

7. Glue the small heart to the big heart leaving a small opening on top 

8. Attach the trapezoid shapes to the straw making a bottom piece of the bow (not sure what this is called)

9. Put the straw through the 2 holes. 

10. Attach the triangles to the top of the straw. 

I did the top and bottom of the bow in cardstock which was brown. I didn’t like it so I put some silver tape on it. My straw was red. I didn’t apply the tape since I liked the pop of red

The craft is supposed to look like the image below. Yes it is from Better Homes and Gardens

Vday heart

Of course like I said mine turned out different but I like it

. Vday card heart

11. Apply your candy of whatever you want into the heart. 

12. Give it to your special someone



Sometimes crafts don’t work out the way we want. If we are lucky and crafty then we can make due. 

Making mistakes is a part of life so do not dwell. 

All my fellow single people can still make this heart. I made it for myself since my valentine is my puppy (I don’t mind). If you are single on Valentine’s the do enjoy my post all about being single on Valentine’s


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