Effective & Inexpensive Ways to Organize Your Blog


 As a Virgo, organization comes as second nature to me. What I lack in social skills, I make up for in organization.

The way you organize your blog things will be different than the way I organize mine. Which is fine. This post is to give you ideas and get you on the right path. It is also ok if you decide some of the techniques I use will help yourself.

Today, we will be looking at various effective and inexpensive ways to help organize your blog. That way things will be well ordered and neat. I will also be showing the system I use for Fablemoon Says.  

The Benefits of Organization

 Organize-  to form into a coherent unity or functioning whole

 I was trying to find a less complicated deffinition but this is the best I could do. Basically organize means to put things in an order which is most effective.
Ex- Organizing your clothes by color

 What benfit do we get from organization? 
  • Makes life easier
  • Makes blogging easier
  • Makes life feel less chaotic
  • Makes things in order
  • Helps calm mental health since you are making things easier
  • Keeps things in order

Post Ideas

I am not really one for electronic putting in the information mainly because I just don’t trust computers not to fail and delete my documents. 

A better option is a notebook. I also use an app where I write the ideas than copy/paste what I wrote in my blog. In case I am too lazy to get my notebook

spiral notebook
 This is the notebook I use to jot down some information I would like my posts to have. I also have a flip pad of paper in the back for ideas. 

Past Post Archive

 If you really want your blog to be organized, you will put somewhere all your past blog posts. A lot of people do this with Spreadsheet online. I do not. 
 In my binder, I have paper separated by tabs. The tabs have a slot to add paper to them so I added different colored construction paper per label I have on my blog. I wrote the label name on the paper ex- mental health. 
Then on the sheets of paper, I write down the corresponding posts along with word count.  
 I do not put the date when they went up in case I decide to redo the post and schedule the update for a later date. 

 Here you can also see my binder includes sections where I can add paper. I like to add a range of magazine clippings or other goods that I can use for printables. 

A Calendar

 Very, very important. This will help you stay on top of the various things you need to get done. Here you can write your do to’s for the day. I like to write when I earn money from surveys
 I suggest a spiral planner with daily sections. This give you room to write down what you need to get done for the day. 


Other Information

 I have been doing a lot of research about blogging and found some useful tips that I may need on hand. I have a dedicated notebook for this. 
 Inside I have my social media schedule, blog colors, font, helpful information for blogging and Pinterest, sites for free photos, helpful sites and my passwords. I have plenty of blank pages where I can write down any more information that I find and need. 
You can see an insight of that notebook on my Instagram

Your Goals

 What I think helps is writing down your goals. I use that as a visual to make me work harder. 
 Below you can see that I have some paper in the front of my binder. One of those papers have my goals for 2020. I look at my goals when I need some motivation. 
Knowing that I have something to work towards helps keep me on track. Goals=Motivation

 A blog post planner will also help. I do not have a printer, so instead I copied this onto a blank piece of paper and put it in my binder. Right in front of my goals. It is basically a checklist that includes keywords, call to action, content and resources. 


 There you have my way of organization for my blog. These are very effective methods which altogether cost me about $30. I wanted a nice binder and paper.

 Hopefully, you are organizing your blog as it will make things a lot more easier. 

It took me a bit to figure out how exactly would be the best method for me. I find this the best method because I can bring my binder everywhere, it is big enough to hold all my notebooks and my calendar. 

 I do hope this post gives you some insight and tips into organization. 

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