Helpful Resources

Mental Health

Grief Resource Network Hotlines

Suicide Hotlines & text 

Learn about Mental Health Disorders

  • Text the word “safe” and your current location (address, city, state) to 4HELP (44357).
  • Within seconds, you will receive a message with the closest Safe Place site and phone number for the local youth agency. This safe place site can help with runaways, depression, abuse….

Seasonal Affective Disorder help

Letters Against Depression
Mental Health Resources for our Veterans Families
Veterans’ Mental Health & Well-Being

Substance Abuse+ Mental Health disorder

Mental health blogs

Depression and Substance Abuse

Types of Anxiety Disorders

Find Rehab Center

Alcohol and Drugs

Helping a loved one with an addiction

How to Recognize Someone with an Addiction

Types of therapy

Addiction resources
Alcohol Rehab Help

Abuse, Rape, Family

Get help when Abused

Children get help when abused

Understanding Rape

Abortion Hotline= 1-866-439-4253 or Text “helpline” to 313131

Pregnancy Infant and Childloss=  1-800-944-4773 or Text “hello” to 741742

National Alliance on mental health
Leaving Abuse Financial Help


LGBTQ Students Resources Support

LQBTQ+ and Addiction

Mental health and Addiction Issues in the LGBTQ+ Community

LGBTQ+ Addiction Resources

LGBTQ+ Chatlines

LGBTQ Safe Rehab Centers Locations

Pet Poison Helpline

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