Holiday Mental Health Tips that Work

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year” Yeah right. More like it’s the most stressful time of the year. Time to make everything perfect and entertain family you only see this time of year because you really can’t stand them.

There are some things that you can do that will help with the stress of the holiday season.

Some tips for you



  Walk away to somewhere alone even if it is the bathroom or shower. Lock yourself in there and breath. This is great for when you are stressed or fighting or anytime you need to walk away.

Breath in and out. Repeat.


   Sounds dumb, yes but it works. Take a deep breath in and out then count 1-6

Numbers from 1-10

Make a List-

    Nothing like being disorganized to make you even more stressed out.

Make a list of:
gifts you need to buy
food to make
decorations you need

Make a list of everything and anything you need to remember

Enjoy it:

Sure you may hate your family right now and want to kill them but you know you love them.

Remember that many people at the holidays don’t have any friends or family to celebrate it with. So be happy that you do


  This may sound cruel to your family and friends but sometimes you just need a break from all the choas. Go outside, in another room or pretend you need to go #2. Anything to let you go hide

Get a stress ball-

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 I love these little things. Granted my puppy also loves them and decides to destroy them. Just give it a few squeezes when you feel stress, nervous, angry or anything



When all is said and done, make sure to spend time alone. Self care is the best tip to deal with the stress of holiday or any other day. 

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