How I Survived Being Homeless-Tips & Myths

*This post contains a story on suicide and talks about extreme mental health issues. Please take caution*


She lives on the street
With nothing to eat
She cries in her sleep
How can she live another day
She prays for a way
She prays everyday
Relief in the knife she carries around
Watching as the blood falls to the ground
A way out she has found

 Suicide rates of a homeless person is 9times that of the US general population

You see a person begging for money on your way to the store. This person is homeless. You assume this person is homeless due to drugs or another form of addiction. You ignore the person. If you are a terrible person, you act terrible to them. This happens every day. 


 Did you know that many people who are homeless are that way not because of drugs or addiction? Most are runaway kids, people who can’t afford rent and vetrans of war. Read along a bit because I will throw some facts your way that will blow your mind.


 I have been homeless in the winter, homeless in the summer, lived in various basements, various motels and on the streets. Let me tell you something. We had money and my mom had a job. So why were we homeless? 

1 We moved state

2 We got evicted 

3 Rent is very high


 So let us talk about homelessness. A subject many people don’t want to talk about or don’t care to talk about. The chances of you being homeless is 10x higher then winning the lottery. This post will help you learn a little more so maybe you can have more compassion for those struggling. This post will help those who are struggling as I give some tips to help you get through this hard time. Posts like these are needed to give insight written by a person who has gone through things. Hopefully you will learn something from this post


~Causes of homeless

 As we talked above there are many causes of being homeless. Runaways, lose of job, lose of housing, vetrans who can’t afford a place, abuse victims, moving state just to name a few. 

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Here are the facts that I promised earlier:

*Note these facts were checked but the website now has a 404 error. However, the same site does have some other facts which you can view here

Fact- A child is born into poverty every 33 seconds


Fact- There are 564,708 people experiencing homelessness on any given night in the United States


 Fact- 6% are children, 8% are vetrans, 47% are disabled or unable to work

Fact– More then 90% of homeless women are survivors of abuse


You can click on the links included to see even more facts that will put things into perspective. With the rate the economy is going mixed with increase in rent, more and more people are becoming homeless every day


~Myths of being homeless

 One popular myth is that homeless means you don’t have a job. Many homeless people have a job, rent is just too high while pay is too low. 

Homeless people are drug or alcohol addicts. Another popular myth based on tv. Tv does not portray people correctly. 

If you want to know someones backstory then go ask a homeless person. Chances are those things you hear are far from true


~What can you do to help the homeless

 You don’t have to give all your money to people begging on streets. Some are just addicts who want the money. What you can do is be nice. If you see someone on the streets, treat them like a human

 Donate canned food to your local shelter

Of course giving them some money won’t hurt


~ How to keep positive when homeless

 Just because you are homeless does not mean you are a lowlife person. Everyone falls on hard times wether that be mental or financial. You are just on the financial hard time which is going to make your mental state worse. 

 Times are hard. Times you may want to just walk into traffic and end it all. There is light at the end of the tunnel even if you can’t see it. 

Keep praying, keep working hard. Your luck is bound to change. 


~ What to do if you become homeless 


 Bundle up during cold time 

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Wear sunscreen during warm times

 Talk to friends to see if they can help. Maybe they can give you food and shelter. Don’t ask them for a ton of money 

Contact your local shelter. Contact your city to see how they can offer some help

Google- homeless help in (your city, state) This will give websites with lists of churches and various places that might help



Be cautious of trespassing. Many places have signs up that say Do not Trespass. Cops will watch and you can be arrested. Best idea is to find a hidden place like in the woods where no one can see you. 

 This goes for abandoned houses. This may sound like a great place to crash but chances are cops are watching that area. You can be arrested. 

Be careful of who you trust. Some people may try and take advantage of you. Don’t let them. Keep your guard up. People seemed nice when I was homeless then they called the cops because we were sleeping behind a store. 



 So I can’t give you tips on how not to become homeless. Like I said, chances are a few of you reading this are homeless while a select few will become or have been homeless in their lifetime. Alot of you may even know someone who is homeless or has been before.


 What you need to know is that being homeless does not mean you are a horrible person or failure. It just means you have come on some hard times. It takes a lot of hard work but you can get to better times. Funny thing is there are stories where homeless people have become very wealthy in money. This due to them knowing how hard they have to work and some luck. 


 Remember don’t count yourself out.

 Don’t act so privileged as to think this won’t happen to someone like you. I pray it never does but it can happen to anyone.

 Remember you are not alone. 

 Things will get better. 

Don’t forget about the homeless animals. You can donate money or food to your local shelter. Consider volunteering. If you see a homeless animal on the street, offer them food and water. But also be cautious going up to random animals


Don't pitty me because I am homeless. Treat me like a human because I am one and this could be you on white background with grey house

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