How to Be Single On Valentines Day

  Let’s be real, Valentine’s Day sucks when you are single. Honestly, it does not have to. There are ways to make February 14th less lonely and sad. So all my fellow single people, let me show you the way to make the day good.

But first, let me tell you a story.

It was Moonshine’s first Valentine’s Day alone since Chris broke up with her.  She had no clue how to spend the holiday alone nor did she want anything to do with it this year. 

 Kisses from Moonpup wiped away the tears that fell from her black eyes. 
    “Oh, Moonpup at least I know you will never leave me. We shall spend Valentine’s together. Who needs a man?”

She stopped crying as she held Moonpup tight

How to be single on Valentine’s in epic style

1. Have a girls or boys night

    Celebrate the holiday with your fellow single gals or guys. It will be fun and less lonely.
 Girls can talk about how much boys suck, their crushes, ideal men…
Boys can drink and play video games.
Having great company is better than being alone

2. Stay home and sulk in your loneliness

 Why not just get in your sexy pajamas, drink some alcohol (if you are of age), eat some ice cream and put on some of your favorite movies.
 Spending time with yourself and giving yourself some crying time does great for mental health. This is normally what I do since I don’t have any friends and prefer to spend my time with my puppy.

 3. Spend time with the family

  I know who wants to spend time with their family on Valentine’s Day. Spending time with people you love, love you and make you happy also does great for mental health.
 Hopefully, your family is not the type who asks why you are single on Valentine’s. That would be quite awkward

4. Think of the holiday as just a regular day

  Think of it this way, on Mother’s Day you don’t see many people complaining that they don’t have a mom to celebrate the day with.
The holidays don’t matter. They are just there to make people spend money and feel more depressed than they really are which in turn makes people spend more money. The holidays are mainly for consumers not what the holiday or who the holiday is celebrating.
  I mean what is the point of only saying your significant other is special only one day of the year? Or that your mom is? You should be celebrating them all year round.

5. Go to a dog shelter or homeless shelter

  Animals are great for helping change your mood. Animals also can care less about any holiday, or if you are single. They care about attention.
 Many people in a homeless shelter don’t have a family or significant other to care for them. They are just as lonely and sad as you or the animals.
 These are great causes that will make you feel good, someone else feel good and make you forget about your depressing life for a while.

6. Buy yourself some chocolate and a teddy bear

No one says you need a man or woman to buy you a gift. Instead, go and buy yourself some nice Valentine’s gifts because you deserve it.

Afterall love from people can fade over time but love for yourself is everlasting


 Just remember that it is ok not to have a date, bf/gf or be alone on Valentine’s Day.  It is not the end of the world.

Being single on Valentine’s Day can be a liberating and rewarding experience.

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Moreover, recognizing that being single does not equate to being alone but rather having the freedom to cultivate a fulfilling and meaningful life can lead to a more positive outlook on this traditionally romantic day.

Ultimately, embracing the single status on Valentine’s Day can empower individuals to find joy within themselves and appreciate the journey of being single.

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27 thoughts on “How to Be Single On Valentines Day”

  1. I would just say that it’s Feb. 14th and a day to enjoy yourself. Who cares about the holiday? I’ve been married for 23 years and I don’t think one day of love is enough. To heck with the fake holidays, we can have fun alone or together whenever we want! 🙂

  2. Yes, always have fun on that day. I’d pig out. I wasn’t single, but my husband has been deployed with the military many times on that day and I still had a blast. Either with myself or with my kids.

  3. I’ve been single the last few Valentine’s Day and it doesn’t bother me. I have my son tomorrow night and that’s all that matters. I got him a few things of candy tonight.

  4. Definitely agree that there are so many ways to enjoy being single, even on Valentine’s Day… and celebrating it with friends and family is cool

  5. I love this post because many single people may feel left out on Valentine’s Day. I think all of your ideas are wonderful. My favorite is visiting an animal shelter or thinking of Valentine’s Day like it’s just any other day.

  6. I sometimes invite my friends over to celebrate Valentine’s day. It can be a lovely evening. I love my friends, they are pretty awesome. Hubby doesn’t mind, in fact he enjoys the range of foods I make when do these..

  7. Regardless of if you are actually single, it is good to embrace who we are, without being with someone. These are all good ways to embrace the day.

  8. Tip #4 is everything- It is just a regular day for all the working folks who aren’t off that day. Just be mindful of people who treat it like a regular day when you have expressed that you don’t consider it as that for all my singles. Don’t waste your time there!

  9. I am holed at home with my cats most of the days, I didn’t notice, lol. I love the idea of going to a shelter, any given day!

  10. Your approach to the holiday, seeing it as just another day and not buying into the consumerism, is incredibly refreshing. It’s a powerful message that love, self-love included, shouldn’t be confined to just one day of the year!


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