How to be Sure You Got a Great Friend

Friendships come and friendships go, this we know is certain. The best friendships last forever even if you drift away. You know you can still count on that friend and reconnect with them once you see them again.

So how do we know for sure when we have a good friend? Well, there is, of course, some obvious signs but there are also some hidden signs. Today we are talking all the signs

 I did a post called 8 Top Ways to Tell if You Have a Toxic Friendship , so be sure to check out that post to know of the bad things to look for. Make sure you do not have any of these toxic traits either. 

I know this should be a topic that we really don’t need to discuss since it should be obvious. However, from my past post I can tell that maybe some people need some help. So be sure you read both posts so you can be sure that you are getting the best out of all the friendships you try to make.

  • You deserve to have a great friend.
    You don’t deserve a toxic friend.

Be sure to comment down below any other keys that would tell you a friendship is great

Remember to be a great friend to them also

1. They are always there for you

It could be 3am and you know this friend would answer your call or text. They will put their own personal life aside just to comfort you
In school, you can trust that this person will not ditch you for the popular kids. You can be the least popular kid and they will be there by your side.

2. They will always support you

You just got a huge promotion and this friend would be the first one to congratulate you. Even if they were going for the same promotion.
Any accomplish you have either big or small, you know who will be in your corner.
Just know that they may not support you if you murder someone or convict a felony. No person should support a murderer. Anything other than that and you will be good.
This also could mean that if you are having some kind of conflict in school or work, they will support your side.

purple hair cartoon girl with blonde hair cartoon girl

  My character Moonshine (purple hair) knows she has great friends like Saphire (blonde hair). One whom she has things in common with and who always supports her. *Note- these are cartoon dress-up characters. Used to show what my characters would look like as I can not draw 😉 Source

3. They will never take anything from you

This could be money, job, boyfriend/girlfriend. If they borrow money then they will be sure to pay you back.
They take your feeling into consideration before asking for anything.

4. You can trust them with your life

You know this person would never do anything to put your life or whoever you love life’s at risk.
They will take a bullet for you as you would for them.
They will always keep your secrets (unless it is a murder secret) , they will even hate who you hate just because they are that good of a friend

5. They will be honest yet still caring

You can come to this friend with any issue and they will tell you the truth. Think an outfit is bad? They got your back. They will say if that crush you have is not a good fit for you.
They know the right words to say in order to not ruin your friendship or hurt your feelings.


Good friends are hard to come by. So learn the signs so you will not be the one hurt in the long run. And be sure to always be a great friend in return

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