How to Learn from Past Embarrassments

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Today we will be looking at some of the most embarrassing moments from my childhood. Trust me there is a bunch. Hopefully, I am getting them all accurate since they say your memories are not true to what happened. I have decided to tell 3 of the stories. I hope you will find some humor in one and some life lessons in the others.

Enjoy my trauma 🙂

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Lost in the Wood- 
    Back when I was in late elementary school (around age 7 or younger) I lived at a side by side house. Next to those houses was a small woody area.??????? The woods were literally less than the length of half a football field. Of course, to a 7-year-old the woods seemed even bigger. 
It was a warm summer day. Hot but not hot enough where you would melt. We had just moved into a new home. It was a nice blue home with a house attached to it. I think the name would be townhouse or duplex. I made some new friends who decided we should go take a walk in the woods. It was not a full-blown woods since you could see through the trees. We found a pond with some frogs which we played with. We had fun until they decided to leave me to fend for myself.
These kids knew the woods and how to get out. They were just evil and left me, a newbie, alone. I walked around the trees of green. Enjoyed myself a bit then wanted to go home. I tried, I failed, I literally screamed at the top of my lungs. My mom and a few of the neighborhood people came looking for me. I felt lost for hours when really it was only like 10 minutes. They came to rescue me. I felt like a fool getting lost in such small woods. I can still remember the embarrassment I felt when I was found. 
It did not stop me from going back into the woods with my ‘friends’ since I know knew the way out. 
Lesson Learnt-
Do not go into strange woods alone
If you do happen to be alone going into strange woods, be sure to bring a cell phone or leave a trail in case you get lost

Lost on the way home from school-

    Seems I like to get lost alot. When I went to the store with my mom, I would always get lost if she told me to go find something. Took me like forever to find her. Sadly, this is another story when I get lost literally right down the street from my house.

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Meanwhile, this was back in 2004. I was a freshman at my new high school and decided to stay after school. It was a cool fall afternoon, I stayed after school since I had to do some work in the library. When it came time to get the buses, I was lost. Which is the bus closest to my house? Oh, it seems like there is 2. Which is the better bus?

I took the bus that was a bit further from my house since I did not know the difference. I got dropped off close to the middle school I used to go to. You think I would be smart and go the way I know how to get home. Ha no, silly me had to go the long way. I guess I wanted to be cool and get home a bit late. I thought I knew where I was going. Now the other way only took me 10 minutes to get home since it was just a straight path.

Today, I decided to go right of that street.  This brought me to many different roads I could go down. Most of them being straight down and I would be home. I decided to walk further right where I would have to walk down, go left then go straight. It was getting chilly, I was lost, I was scared. I had no clue how to get home. I walked down various roads trying to find my way home. None lead me even close. It was an hour until I got home.

I felt accomplished that I made it home myself. When I got home, I found out that my mom was just about to call the cops to find me. She knew I stayed after school and expected me home at a certain time. Needless to say, I did not stay after school again

Lesson Learnt-

Do not take a different path that you are not used to. Stay safe and stick to the same path

Oh there is my butt 

   Ahh, high school sophomore gym class how I hated you. Normally gym class if fine but this gym class was different. We had to do all sorts of scary things like rock climb, climb a tree, some kind of odd squirrel thing. Me being the chicken I am decided to leave to class midway after being traumatized by the rock climbing. I am petrified of heights.

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Let me take you to a few weeks before and share my butt incident. It was a chilly, fall and the middle of the school day. They liked to torture us so we were outside doing various things. Today was something where we had to go through a small obstacle course. Crawling on a wood plank and then crawling through a tire into the hands of fellow students.

Everything was going fine. The class ended and I was free to live another day. I thought we would be done since no one seemed to like doing this. Nope. The next day comes and so it was my turn. (I bet you could tell where this was going) They told us to have tight pants on, I thought my pants were tight. I go through the tire and out the other end.

My pants were down at my ankles. Take that back, my pants and panties were down to my ankles. Yes, I came out of the tire with my vag showing ???? I think I may have died a little. No one said anything thankfully. I think we were all in shock. Funny thing is not too long after I went, some popular guy went and his pants fell down too. Exposing only his shorts but everyone said something. I am not certain anymore what they said since I was still traumatized.

I think maybe this is the reason they let me leave class or they knew my fear of heights were bad. Either way, I left that class and just did swimming for the rest of the year. It was winter and the kids were still outside. I lied and said I had to make up some swimming classes as I didn’t want to admit I was a chicken to the few friends I had. I do remember hearing that everyone loved the squirrel thing. Apparently, they were inside the gym and flew from one side to another. Yeah, there was no way in hell I was going to do that.

Life Lesson-

  I am not sure if there is one here. Maybe just make sure your pants are really, really tight if going through a swinging tire.

Well, there you have it some terrible childhood memories. There were more times like these. For example, climbing a fence only to have my panties caught on the fence. Climbing a fence in a skirt is not a good idea. See ya next Sunday for an all new post 

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