Kobe Bryant Books Every Fan Needs

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January 26, 2022 marks the 2 year anniversary of the untimely plane crash that took the human form of Kobe Bryant, his daughter and 7others.

In the past I have written letters to Kobe.

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  3. Letter three here

I was debating if I wanted to do another letter or something else. I chose to do books.

Kobe Bryant was a well known basketball player but he was also a New York Times best seller with not 1 but 8 books. 7 of those books were part of a series in which he created.

Today I am going to be going over not only those 7 but also more of the books that every Kobe Bryant fan needs. My collection is growing every month

Mamba Mentality

Mamba mentality by Kobe Bryant book

The most important book a fan needs to have in their collection. The first book the man wrote. All about how he lives his life and plays. Teaching you how to live with the mamba mentality.

It inlcudes text and a bunch of beautiful photos.

Fun fact- As I recall he once said on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon that he hated how he looked on the cover. I say he looks beautiful

Buy your copy here

The Wizernard Series, Epoca, Legacy Of the Queen and Geese Are Never Swans

These series are all from the mind of Kobe. They talk about fantasy with real life drama. A basketball story, a tennis story, magic/sports and swimming. A story for every type of sports fanatic. A story for everyone since there is lessons in all 7books. Not just children’s books.

Harry Potter but sports related

I am sure these books are a fantastic read however, I only read picture books like Mamba Mentality. One day maybe when I am an old women I will read all 7 books.

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Geese Are Never Swans is taken from what he had written down. Published after 2020. He was set to make even more books but never got the chance.

  • Wizenard book 1 here
  • Wizenard book 2 here
  • Epoca book 1 here
  • Epoca book 2 here
  • Legacy and the Queen book 1 here
  • Legacy and the Queen book 2 here
  • Geese are Never Swans here
Kobe Bryant books

Other books to Own

A book that recently impaired my posts on My Favorite Kobe Bryant Quotes It is called Kobe Lessons from A Legand. It includes many lessons from the legand himself. Lessons that will help your grow as a person

If you ever wanted to learn more about Kobe’s childhood and backstory then The Rise is perfect for you. Over 300 pages long orgin story.

There is also Mamba Forever: Kobe Bryant’s Life & Legacy In His Own Words. Including real life interviews from the man.

Kobe Bryant books

Fun thing to Own

It is not just books you should own. A fun thing ro own is your own Kobe money. Made by someone on Ebay. This “money” is something to have in your collection because it is fun. I mean not many people know about this money.

Buy it here


It is not just important to have jerseys in your Kobe Bryant collection. It is also important to have everything.

Books are something Kobe loved. He was a huge fan of Harry Potter. Had an amazing imagination. Would have made more books if given the chance.

Get books Kobe created, books about Kobe, magazine dedicated to Kobe…

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I can say I have been trying to find literally everything I can Kobe books on Amazon. Currently I have 2 more in my cart to order plus more in my list. I order a few every month or every time I get some money. I am also searching “Kobe Bryant books” so I can be sure I am in the know of when the next book comes out.

Kobe Bryant- a basketball player, an Oscar winner, a writter and an inspiration to all. Forever my hero. Forever missed. Forever in my heart.

Remember- life is short so be sure to live it to the fullest and with Mamba Mentality

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