Life lessons from Disney Encanto

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Encanto– the newest release from Disney that has gone down in history. Just like Disney’s Moana and Disney/Marvel Black Panther.
Why has this movie made such an impact? Is it the bright colors? The family representation? The colors of their skin? In fact, it is all and more.  The fact that one simple hour and a half movie can show us valuable guidance we can use for our everyday living.
Today we are talking about the magical movie that is Encanto. The life lessons that Encanto can teach us.
Who is Bruno and why don’t we talk about him? We dive into this question. So hold tight
*Spoilers ahead*

The Plot

Taking place in Colombia, Encanto speaks of a family with magical gifts. All being unique in their own right. That is except one child.
She may be the last hope when she discovers that the magic surrounding the mountains of where she lives, are in danger.


The Music

One of the best things about all Disney movies is the soundtrack. It is not surprising that Encanto has earned top songs.
The most popular being We Don’t Talk About Bruno. This song actually beat out former top Disney song Let It Go made famous by Frozen.
You would not think a soundtrack has anything to do with self-improvement but like most Disney movies, Encanto does. 
Surface Pressure– a song about one of the character’s stress and insecurities
We don’t talk about Bruno– The award-winning, top-charting song about the uncle who was shunned from the family

What else can I do-another song where one of the characters sings about letting go of the need to feel perfect

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The Importance of Family

Encanto is all about family. From the beginning song “The Family Madrigal” to the last scene. 
Every person, every family has their problems. Encanto does a great job of showing what it is like to be in a big family. What it is like to be the odd one out. Most important is that Encanto shows a great job of how important family is no matter the struggles.
 Family is the reason of everything coming together for a happy ending. The bond they have and knowing they have each other
Maribele to her Abuela
    “You lost your home. Lost everything. You suffered so much. All alone. So it would never happen again. We were saved because of you. We were given a miracle because of you. We are a family because of you. And nothing could ever be broken that we can’t fix… together
Family is where life begins


It’s Ok to be the Odd one

Being the black sheep is ok. Or in this case, not having a gift like Maribel is ok. You never know if you are the most important of all.
It is rumored that Maribel gift is holding her family together.
Like Meg from Family Guy. She is the odd one out but we learn she is the one holding the family as seen in the episode titled  “Seahorse Seashell Party”


Love is magical

Love of a family. Love of a couple of soulmates. Love in all forms of the word. 
Love is magical. Love will make a person sacrifice themselves to save their partner and children. 
Everyone is deserving of love. Encanto shows us that even though we may have done bad things in the past, it does not define us. We should be given another chance. We are deserving of the love

Life Lessons Learned from Encanto

I wanted to give my review of the movie before wrapping up. I have been wanting to see Encanto ever since I saw the trailer. I have to say this movie exceeded my expectations. Not since Moana has a Disney movie captured me. Both have valuable life lessons, beautiful colors and main characters who develope as the movie goes on. ?????? (6 stars because 5 is uneven)

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Encanto is the perfect movie to watch with family, friends or if you are feeling like a loser. The self-development we see from the characters gives hope that we can achieve the same. From acceptance to compassion. Encanto is filled with valuable life lessons. The messages of the movie will last a long time

Everything has lessons to learn, you just need to keep a lookout.
Were there any lessons I missed? What is your opinion of the movie? 
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Thoughts on the movie Encanto

Upon watching the movie, I realized why everyone likes it. It shows the importance of family, friends and music. 

Another life lesson from Encanto I discovered after the movie is everyone is hiding something. Some may hide it in fear of being judged while others may hide it to protect someone else.

Ps the character I am most like is the kid Antonio as he loves animals which results in his gift being the ability to talk to animals


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