Meet Moonshine

Hey so this is my first post. I created a character to give my tips some life. Basically telling a story based on my character when she is dealing with some issues. Then I give some tips on dealing with the issues. So if you ever come across Moonshine and Moonpup in my future posts then you will know.
Give me a situation and I will create a story with them.

A little background of Moonshine and Moonpup


Maybe my love for the moon started when I was younger. I was told I was born during the peak of the August full moon aka the Sturgeon Moon. I had no friends so I would look up to the moon and pray that I would someday. She became my best friend. Every night I would talk to her, telling her my biggest dreams, fears, basically everything.  Always there for me when I needed her and I knew she would always be there.

My mom always told me my smile was as bright as the moon which is how she got my name Moonshine. She is my light. She tells me to look up at the moon when I feel lonely and know she is always staring back at me sending me love no matter how far away we are.

My love for moons made me name my puppy Moonpup. He lays right next to me on summer nights when we go outside to look at the moon. He is my angel whom I got just months after my mom’s passing

Q & A

Hair and eye color- purple

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Age- 16

Dog is like a tan, wolf puppy. Not blue like I drew up there

Where do I get the photos?

Since I can’t draw, I get the photos from various dress up game websites. My favorite is I emailed them and made sure it was ok to use the photos as long as I have the source limk to them

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