Mental Health Issues Make You Stronger

We are going to make mental health a top priority. No more are we going to stoop to its level. 

We are going to learn to be strong. We are strong!! You have battled many things but you are here still. You are stronger than most people. 

This post is all about trying to make you realize that you are strong. 

a strong brain keeps the body going

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I know what it’s like to deal with hard things, how much you want to be loved and wish you were normal, wish life was over because you feel like the odd one out.

I know what it’s like unable to sleep, staring at the walls, unable to cry, feeling empty inside. I know because I feel the same. 

I know what it takes to love someone, be there for them and still give them space. I may hate people but the people I do love gets my all. It may be hard to love people & I may not have much to offer but I try. I really do. 

We are stronger then people think. 

So what we have depression, self-harm, anxiety, OCD… We are still human and breathe. 

We fight demons every day. And we will be fighting these demons until the last breath we take. They may get the best of us sometimes, but they will never get all of us. We fight an unseen battle every second of our lives. We are strong

We are fighting this battle alone. You can not see the demons. You may be able to give us advice but in the long run, it is yourself who has to face these demons alone. Sometimes these demons can be so deafening, that yes we wish to end them by taking our own lives or relapsing. Every day that we wake up to face another battle is a victory. It makes us strong. Strong like the men and women who fight for our freedom. 

 We don’t wish to burden others with our problems which is why mental illness goes untreated so much. This needs to end. Talk to your friends and loved ones. Ask them how they are. Look for signs like distance, weight loss, baggy clothes, long shirts in the summer. Look deep into their eyes and just be there for them. 

We may be strong, but we need your help to be stronger. You have to be strong for us. You have to be there cheering us on. Helping us fight these demons. 


This post is going to do nothing for my seo ranking but it will help fellow readers be reminded of being strong.

Thank you for reading & if you ever need help don’t forget there is a tab on the top page for support. If you need other support then I am here at

Never be afraid to reach out & ask for help. I know many times I am afraid, I never reach out but I know if I did then it would be so much easier to handle

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