My Letter to Kobe Bryant 2

No introduction really needed. August 23 is Kobe Bryant birthday. So here is what I wrote to him on his 42cd birthday in the year 2020. All I have to say is read Part 1.

Happy birthday, Kobe. Forever and always my hero

Kobe Bryant

To my hero Kobe Bryant

Thank you for being you. For proving everyone wrong. Through your injuries, court case that ripped your soul apart, bad seasons. You never stopped being who you are. The incredible basketball player and even better person.

Thank you for teaching us the Mamba Mentality. To be better than everyone else. To work harder. To achieve our goals no matter what they may be.

Thank you for the music that you did. People may hate but I believe it was awesome.

Thank you for your work in writing. Who knew a basketball player could also be an oscar winning, new york times best seller.

Thank you for being a wonderful father. Raising a beautiful family the best a man can do. Sure most of us didn’t see how you were in person but what we saw made it seem like you were an amazing father. Clearly your kids and wife adored you.

You may be gone in this world but somewhere you are playing basketball with your girl. Watching over your wife and kids. Somewhere you are teaching the mamba mentality. Somewhere you live on.

Your spirit lives on in this world. Your memory will never be forgotten. Your legacy will continue for ages. All because you were a talented, wonderful person.

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I am glad I was born and grew up knowing who you were. Being able to see you in person. See you on tv. Read your books. Admire everything about you. Have you become my hero. My second love (after Nick Carter). An obsession that will never truly go away.

Thank you for blessing us. For being born. For taking part in the nba. For writing. For everything that you did on and off court. For being one of a kind.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have given me memories I will cherish forever. Memories only you could bring. A hero to name my hero dog after. A man I am proud to call my hero.

You sacrificed so much to be on top of your game. With the sacrifice came great success. Success that will make your legacy continue to shine on forever. You will continue to inspire young basketball players as well as young authors. You will continue to inspire the young and old with your Mamba Mentality. Without your sacrifices, we would have never been blessed to have watch you learn and grow into the incredible ball player and man you were.

Thank you for the sacrifices you made. You forever changed my life for the better

On  this day, your 42cd birthday you may not be here in this world but i still celebrate you. I will celebrate you every year, all the time. A celebration of a life took to soon. A celebration of a life well lived. A celebration of a life who touched millions. A celebration of a life of a man who truly deserves the world.

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Thank you Kobe Bryant. Forever missed and loved

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