My Letter to Kobe Bryant 3

Photo of my kobe collection

Never have I written a letter to someone who left this Earth before. I have lost countless animal family members. I have prayed and talked to them at night or during the day. Yet here I am writing a 3rd letter in a year to you.

My letter to Kobe Bryant 2

My letter to Kobe Bryant 1

Today marks an official year since you have been gone. Alot has happened in the past year. I have collected alot of things with your face on them. I wanted to sell them to be warm but I could not bring myself to it.

It was breaking my heart. You are my hero and i would hate to have to sell everything I have because they all mean so much to me. I cherish everything I own of yours.

Especially this poster I have. I got it right after attenting my first Lakers game in Boston. A memorable day. You were not supposed to play because you hurt your shoulder. Everyone said you would not play. I had early access tickets so I got to go in the areana 3 hours before everyone else. Which means I was able to see you practice. My eyes just focused on you the whole time. My vision may suck but I knew it was you.

People in the crowd said you would not play but I was like ‘umm I saw him practice and he is not on the injured list. He is playing’

I cherish every game I ever went to. Even the one I got in a fight with my mom the day of and I think we lost that day. Seeing you play made the loss and fight all worth it.

Photo of my kobe collection

I wish I could have attended more games. I cried everytime you came to Boston and I could not go. Besides the finals as I know being a Lakers fan in Boston during the finals would result in terror.

I cried when we lost the finals. I cried when you retired. I could barley watch any game after that. Now I can only watch the end of games since your body left.

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Everyday I think of you. Like everyday I think of all my animal family I lost. One who I lost 10years ago this year. A blessing in disguise as I got my love Kobe.

I know that your soul is with your family like I know my animals are with me. Surrounding us with love, warmth and happiness. You and Gigi may be gone but only your Earth bodies are gone. I truly believe that. Nay, I know that is true.

The Sundays after the 26th would always rain. The day after rained. It even rained that fateful day.

What would you say of the past years events if you were here? You would love the Dodgers and Lakers winning. You would be heartbroken over Chadwick and the virus. You would be happy of your girls and wife. You would be doing so much like writing. Accomplishing even more.

We can only imagine what you would say and what you would do. We know it would be amazing. God had other plans for you. What plans and why so soon? That we will never know.

I sit here thinking about you. Writing this, another letter to my hero. A hero who left so soon. I have not cried even after seeing countless videos and tribute’s. It has been a year but I will never truly process your human form being gone.

I still can not watch tribute videos or highlights because they make me too emotional.

Maybe it is because I never knew you. The real you. Only what you showed the world. I like to keep not crying. Tears would only make the pain worse. Tears mean that is really happened. I know it did happen but in my little world, it did not.

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It comforts me knowing your soul is still here (as it does my animals). Possible reason why I still find it hard to watch those videos. You are still here

So here we are at the year. What can I say besides I wish your human form was still here. I wish it was January 25th 2020. I wish you guys never got on that plane. I wish things were different. I wish. I wish. I wish.

My main wish is that you knew what you ment to me personally. You ment the world to me. You mean the world to me. You will forever be my hero. Nothing has ever changed that and nothing ever will.

You will forever be one of my first loves. A man I would have given anything to be friends with. Anything to have you know what you mean/meant to me. Anything to have you say ‘thank you for supporting me all these years’

It never came true and never will come true you knowing or saying that.

So here I sit a year gone by. With one thing to say ‘I love you and always will’

Thank you God for allowing the world a chance to know of Kobe Bean Bryant

Thank you God for allowing us to love Kobe Bryant

Thank you God for giving Kobe Bryant the gift of talent in basketball and anything he ever wanted to do

You may have took Kobe Bryant away so quick from us but you gave us a chance to bask in his glory

Thank you God and thank you Kobe Bryant

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Paper background with text that says my letter to kobe 3

I will always be collecting more merch of yours. A basketball, a plush, some Mamba academy merch, various items from Wish that I like.

And whatever of yours may come out in the future.

My love for you is like my collection- Always growing 

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