My Letter to Kobe Bryant 4

Before I begin, make sure to check out my previous three letters

Dear Kobe Bryant,

Happy 44th birthday

 I say this wll the time but I do love how your birthday is the day before mine

Lately I have been watching videos of yours. Motivation videos to be exact. Videos where you speak about your process in life. There is one Instagram page that I really like. A quote where you basically say

Go after your dreams. Never compromise

Kobe Bryant

No matter what people say we should go after our dreams. Go after them and be the best.

  • Go after your dream
  • Work hard
  • Work harder then everyone else
  • Learn all about the subject
  • Keep learning. Always learn
  • Use that knowledge to your advantage

A true Virgo. 

I am a Virgo also. I try to be 10% of what you were in life. Chase my dream. Work harder then everyone else. Never doubt myself. 

I lack something. Not motivation because writing is something I really wish I was good at. I lack something. 

I wish I knew you then you could help me. 

I wish you were here to make more motivation videos. Maybe something that would break me out of this spell. 

But you are not. A fact that is hard to accept. Even as fan it is hard to accept. I give all my love to your family because as much as I have a hard time not accepting it, they have it worse

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I have to keep going. Keep trying. Work harder then what I have been doing. 

You may not be here but your words always will be. Words I keep looking back on. Words that work 60%. 

I have to figure out that other 50% for myself some how. 

I thank you for the great wisdom you have given this world. 

Great wisdom that will continue to help me. 

What do I want to be known for?

I don’t want to be famous but with my blog i wish to change someone’s life so they can in turn help someone and so on.

Maybe my blog won’t change the world but it may one person’s life. Or hundred’s (my goal)

I want to give a good life to my puppy (named after you) and all the cats I have been taking care of. Animals that need love because everyone deserves to know that they were cared for.

Fun fact- I am the type of person to recognize everything has a soul. Plants, animals, bugs, humans… Thus the reason I can’t kill many bugs. Exception being fleas, ticks, flies roaches and mosquitoes. Not to sound mean but what are their purpose?

Kobe Bryant picture on cardboard

What I think is cool this year. You turn 44. 22 years ago you won your 3rd championship in a row at the age of 22 years and 296 days. I was reading about angel number 2 and it reminds me of you as I was talking about you being inspirational and not giving up-

Angel number 2 is a sign from our guardian angels that we should have faith and never give up, no matter how difficult things may be. Our angels are always near and available to help us

Kobe Bryant
Lakers at Wozards 2014

My point being with this post is that you will inspire me always. You have accomplished so much in your life time

  • Nba championships
  • Gold medal for the USA
  • Nba player of the year
  • All star
  • Author
  • Emmy winner
  • Oscar winner
  • Author
  • Girl dad
  • Husband
  • Storyteller
  • Best seller
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That is not even half the list.

I am glad that you are one of my heroes. Heroes inspire us to live better and you have done that for many, many years for me.

I shall keep watching your videos. Keep learning. Keep going. Start working harder. Because I know that is what you would do.

The time I feel sorry for myself or depressed, I shall try to use it as motivation. Try to write through it. Writing is great stress relief as we all know

Thank you Kobe Bryant for being the man that you were <3

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