My Starseed Revelation + Tips

Lately, I have been on a journey of self-discovery. Who I am last year is not the same as I am now. 
 This post goes out to all my fellow Earth dwellers who feel they don’t belong. Who feel drawn to the sky. Drawn to something different. 

What is a Starseed

 Spiritual beings sent to this Earth to accomplish some type of mission. These beings are travelers from other planets, stars or even galaxies. Beings that are made to forget where their home is in order to feel more “human”. With spiritual awakening, one can remember why they can and where they are from. 

How did I know I was a starseed?

 There are signs one can Google in order to figure out if they are a starseed. For me, it was tarot readings on Youtube. I felt a connection to what I was hearing and had an awakening. It all made sense to me. 
Love for astronomy
 I always been that type of person who would look up at the moon and stars feeling as if that was where I should be. 
 My love for the moon even helped me create my blog name. I confide in the moon as it is a friend. The moon is always watching you even during the day. Every night I say hi and look for the moon. 
 Jupiter is my favorite planet. Always liked to imagine even at a young age, that I was a purple alien sent from Jupiter. 
 There is something about looking at the moon and stars at night that is just so peaceful. 
Love for Egyptian culture
 I have always loved the Egyptian culture. Anubis is such an amazing and beautiful creature. 


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 They believe in reincarnation which I do also. How long have I been on this Earth? How much more will I be reincarnated in order to finish my mission? All I want to do is go home.

Feeling as if I didn’t belong


 I have never felt like I was home. Thought I belonged in Los Angeles but I know for sure I don’t (too many pretty people). Knew I didn’t belong in the city I lived in nor do I belong in the city I am at. 
 Where do I belong? Do I have a place of belonging on the Earth? I just never felt like there was a valid reason I am here. 
 Never felt connected to anyone on Earth besides my animals. I am an outsider

What Starseed am I?

   I consider myself to be a very complex soul. I believe you can have traits of many different types of starseeds. A soul split into many with one taking full control. 
For me, Sirian is what I feel connected to the most. Sirians are from the star Sirius which is the brightest star in the sky located under Orion. 


  • Known as the dog star
  • Love for canines. I feel wolf is one of my spirit animal along with the owl
  • Daydreamers
  • Love science
  • Love magic
  • Feel they have a mission to help Earth and animals
  • Don’t express emotions well
  • Creative
  • Only a few friends
This would be my main home. They also love ancient civilizations and are drawn to the star Sirius. 
Sirius in the sky


 Sirians have traits of Lyrian which is why I also feel connected to them. 

Tips to discover your Starseed

  1. Meditation. I use Youtube for this
  2. Pick a card readings on Youtube
  3. Pray to your guides. “Soul family I ask for you to come find me. I am lost and need your guidance”
  4. Google. Always has the answers
 It is perfectly fine if none of these work for you. Maybe your soul has just not been awaken yet. It takes time and patience. Took me 33 years. 
 You may not even be a starseed, there is Indigo children and Earth soul. Don’t feel discouraged if none of these still resonate with you. Just because you may not be any of these, does not mean you are not destined for greatness. 




 It may seem odd but now I know I am a starseed, I feel a sense of peace. Like this life journey is just one step closer on my way home. All I want is to go home and be happy. 
Why was I or anyone forced on this Earth? This most of us may never know.  I believe there is something beyond this Earth for everyone. Maybe you are a starseed or lightworker. Maybe you just believe in Heaven and Hell. Maybe you believe in something else after this life. Whatever it may be, just know this is just a rest stop on our way to something different. 
 I hope this post has given you some insight as to information of starseeds. I will list some resources where you can go find even more information.
  Are you a starseed or lightworker? Leave a comment down below

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