New and Improved Tips to Dominate Your Time

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Bts. Beyonce. Kobe Bryant. What do they all have in common? Yes half of them are Virgos. All of them know how to control their time.
24 hours in a day. 1440 minutes in a day. 86400 seconds in a day.  . We are thrown into the world unknowing of the concept of time. Soon as we know it, the time has passed.  We can’t stop it, rewind it, or fast-forward it even if we want to. What can we do about this to make this short period we have meaningful?
We can dominate those days and hours like a professional. Science, research and evidence have led me to these discoveries. So sit back, relax a little and have no fear as these new and improved tips are guaranteed to help. 


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First, we shall talk about “Step Up September” 

What is Step Up September? As of writing this September 8, 2022, there are 166 days left of the year. This is important because this post is talk about time management. We want to make sure the final days of the year are the best they can be.

There are plenty of days left of the year to make 2022 worthwhile. Forget what has happened in the last 9 months and focus on the next 3 months.

I will be publishing a post every Sunday and Wednesday until December 21st. I will also be spending more time with my puppy and cats.

With that being said, let us learn some

New and Improved Tips to Dominate Your Time

Know that time does exist

Of course, you know that time exists, you are not stupid. By ‘know that time exists” I mean know that it is fleeting aka going fast.

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When we know that something is occurring at a fast rate, then we will be able to realize that something important needs to be done.

Time exists and soon your time will be up. Do not be discouraged by this, instead, we shall make the most of it by managing the period. 

Protip- Think of it this way, you know time comes to an end so how do you want to remember your time spent? How would you like others to remember how you spent your time? Leave a great legacy. You do not have to have a legacy like Beyonce’s but one you can be proud of. 

wrench and wristwatch on dominating time

Think of yourself as this wrench. The wrench is clutching the wristwatch or dominating it. Be the wrench.

Make a daily schedule

Knowing what you have to do during the day will help you be able to manage your time.

      1. Write what you need to do
      2. Pick a time when you wish to start and finish each goal
      3. Write down an hour daily calendar. Better yet, buy one on Amazon

    Hourly and comes with sticky tabs. 150 pages

Find Motivation

Life can be hard. Trust me 90% of the time I find it hard to get out of bed. 

Luckily I have motivation- my puppy and cats. They need to be fed, taken care of and played with. I have to give them their best life even if I am highly depressed. 90% of the time my puppy is the only thing that keeps me alive. 

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What is your motivation?

Tips to find your motivation-

  • Your children
  • Look around at your loved ones
  • Walk in nature
  • Meditate
  • Adopt an animal. I recommend a fish or bird as they are easy to take care of
  • Start a blog
  • Think about what you like to do

Your motivation can be anything in this world. As long as it is something that will keep you going.

current time. 12:02pm

Remember to relax

We are trying to make our time matter but we also need a rest. People who overwork are very stressed. Stress leads to depression which we know depression makes us lose the will to be productive with our time.

Remember that you need your rest and time away to be effective. Get your 8+ hours of sleep. Watch some tv for a few hours. Hang with friends. Hang in nature. Take a bath. 

You can map out every second of the day but what good will it do when it leads you to depression or so much stress that takes a toll on both your mental and physical health? Early death is not worth trying to be perfect or dominating your time that much. 

Even the most productive people have learned that relaxing is needed. Burnout is real


Time is a scary thing to think of. But, if you control it correctly then time seems less of a threat.

There are ways to dominate your time. Try any and every way to see what works for you. These are just some basic tips that you may not have heard of before. There are millions of other ways. Just make the most of your life and be kind to others

You don’t have to plan every second of the day to dominate your time

What do you think is the best way to dominate your time? 

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