4 Shocking Truths about Suicide

*This post talks about suicide. Please take caution while reading* ‘I just want to end this horrible life. Nothing is getting better and i feel as though nothing ever will’ Those words sound familiar? Yeah, I say them all the time also. Guess what- this statement above that we agree on, is not true. You … Read more

4 Ways to Make Therapy Less Stressful

is therapy stressful

 Life is hard. Deciding that you need to seek a therapist is hard. Talking about life and how you feel to a total stranger is torture.  Luckily for you, I have been in therapy for many years. Trust me it sucks especially since I have yet to find someone who I like and will help/understands … Read more

A Google Fangirls Switch to WordPress

Don’t get me wrong with this post, Google will always be my #1. I have been with them for years. I got the explorer version of Chromebook and was able to get Google Glass (was not able to afford the trip to get them so I never got mine).Android is the first-ever phone I got … Read more

Best Underrated Sites for Blogging

*This post is sponsored. I am getting paid to write this. I do not get a commission for any links you click*   There are millions and billions of websites located on the internet. Websites where you can information on anything and everything you ever need. This includes blogging.   Since there are so many websites to … Read more