Secrets to Manage Your Finances the Easy Way

It is no secret that managing your money is hard. Especially when you really don’t have the income coming in to help pay all your bills plus buy food.

There are easy ways of managing what little money you do have. Ways that you can do all by yourself. Ways that will help even when you  that suck at saving. Ways you can even tell your friends about. Make yourself sound like the expert in money when really you are drowning in debt.

Today we are talking about these easy ways in which you can manage your finance. I will be telling you how you can save up and even earn money while doing so. These 4 or so ways are new and so easy, you will be asking yourself why you didn’t do these in the first place.

So let’s finish this chit chat since that will not help you with your money. What you want is the content so let’s get into it.

* I am not sponsored by any of these sites or apps. I did include an affiliate link to ebay but that is all*

Walmart Money Card

 If you live in the US and anywhere that has a Walmart, then you can sign up for a free Walmart money card. This card is free to sign up and everyone can get one.
What is great about this card is that you earn money every time you shop at Walmart including their website. You can earn $75 every 12 months.
No monthly fee if you add $1000 a month. You can add the money via direct deposit or Walmart in stores.
What I love is that there a thing called ‘Vault’ where you can put money aside to save up. This money can earn you up to $1000 each month. How cool is that??


 Paypal is another free website that you can use to save money. It has no fees, free to everyone to use.
As you can see from the above image, you get a reward every time you use your Paypal debit card.
You can add direct deposit, send and receive money and cash checks for a small fee

Savings Account

 Most savings account you can open for $15 a month and don’t have any monthly fees. Nor do you get fees for not putting money into your account monthly.
 You can put these away in a safe place so you can’t touch it
If you get a checking account also then be sure to find one that you can get cash back for purchases or other rewards

Visa Debit Card

 Recently I was told a great tip, that was to put money on a few Visa debit cards then hide them for a later date.
You can buy a safe with a note in capital letters on the front that says “DON’T TOUCH” that way you know not to touch
Protip- Hide money in various places.
 Ex- Buy a thermometer safe  to put in your closet so no one can see it. If someone does go in your closet and ask why you have a thermometer in there, then just say ‘why not’. To be honest they don’t need to know. Or you can just tell them you want to make sure your clothes are nice and warm. Haha


 There are some great apps that you can download that will help manage your finances. Most offer a free trial so if you decided you don’t like them then you can always delete the app
One app I just found which I think is cool is called Digit where you can save cash for unlimited goals. Unlike many other places, Digit learns how you spend and puts money aside based on that. It is a very smart app.
Even better is that it is free to try for 30 days and then only cost $5 a month after that. It is like a savings account but much cooler


 Think of ways to outsmart yourself. That way you know you have money but can forget.
Protip- If you do happen to forget then make sure you write a hint of where you put the money. Hide the hint somewhere like your wallet or planner. Make sure the hint is something only you can figure out and not your friends.
Piggy bank
 Managing your finances can be hard but there are ways you can save up. If you do need more help then don’t be afraid to ask a professional. It may cost money but it will also help you save your money in the future. Most professionals only have a one time charge.
 I know I will be using these tips myself since I can barley save up. Every time I do, I find something I want or wind up spending the money on an app I am playing.
 Good luck with your money. I wish you all the success and I wish you success on gaining money.

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