The Truth About Intuition- How to Improve It Easily


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Intuition is a form of knowledge that appears in consciousness without obvious deliberation. You may also know this as a ‘gut feeling’. It comes out of nowhere in any given situation telling you most of the time something bad is going to happen


I was looking at Instagram and got this idea from Russel Brand. He was talking about intuition. 


Today we are talking about trusting our intuition. Should we trust it 100% of the time? Is it right 100% of the time? What can we do to help our intuition? I will be using my own experience as a talking point as well as articles.

 I consider my intuition to be a gift since it is better than most people. I believe people can have some special gifts. It is up to that person what they wish to do with the gift. 


We know from above that intuition is a gut feeling. 


~Intuition vs Instinct


Instinct is something we are born with. It is our human instinct to survive. We know we need food and shelter to survive. We also know not to play with snakes or wild animals.


Intuition is something in our brain that tells us stuff based on past experience. We sense a situation can be dangerous. This is our intuition. 


Both similar but different. I like to go with my intuition over my instinct. 




~Intuition vs Heart


 Intuition- he is a bad guy 

Heart- no give him a chance


 Sometimes our hearts can influence our intuition. This rarely happens to me right now because I just happen to think everyone is evil. For most people, however, heart vs intuition happens in relationships. 

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Now does the intuition always tell the truth? This intuition could just be low self-esteem. You could get a ‘gut feeling’ that your partner is cheating on you and it could be totally wrong. You have to decide if you are having this doubt or second thought because you are insecure or if there something worth talking to your partner about. 


 Similar to Mind vs Heart. Do you listen to your mind more times or your heart? I go with my mind since the heart can be swayed into believing that something is totally wrong. 


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~Intuition is not always to blame


 Usually, when something goes wrong we look for someone or something to blame rather than ourselves. This could happen when your intuition is either right or wrong. It depends on the situation


Situation 1- Intuition tells you partner is cheating. You confront them and it is true


•Situation 2- Intuition tells you partner is cheating. It is wrong and you guys get in a huge fight


~Great intuition does not mean you are above anyone else


 I have been caught in this before. Thinking ‘hey I know more than you because of my intuition therefore I am better than you’. This is not true. 


We all have a gift and it should not be taken thinking it is power. You can think of comics where people who find out they have superpowers think they are all that. You may be special but you are not the best in the world nor are you perfect. 

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~How can you make your intuition better


 Intuition can be managed and grown, unlike Instinct. 


Clearly, your mind is the best way. It helps with intuition, anxiety, and many other stresses. 

I like watching meditation videos on Youtube. My favorite is a heart chakra one. Take time to be by yourself to center yourself


Trusting in yourself will also help. You have to trust that maybe those feelings you can’t explain are correct





 Intuition is power. Intuition is powerful. It does not mean you are powerful or have all the power in the world. It can be grown. It can be helpful. Only you can know. 

 Don’t let someone sway you into something that your intuition or inner voice says is wrong. That person is toxic and should not be trusted either way. 


 This post may not be one of my most popular or searched but it is something that is important to me. I feel like I am not meant to be in this world. There are not many things I am good at. Intuition is one thing I am good at besides sleeping, loving animals and semi writing. 

For those wondering, I am INTJ which you can take the test here. Why am I bringing this up> INTJ means introverted, intuitive, thinking and judging.  Again it just means I have a good intuition . I can think more imagination and give things deeper meaning.  

For those who are a fan of Myers Brigg’s, you can take a test to determine if you are sensing or intuitive here 

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