The Wellness Benefits of the Game Wordle + Tips

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Wordle the ultra popular word game that has swept the world. Released in October 2021.
What is it about this word game that has captured everyone’s attention?  Could it be everyone’s love of words? I remember the time when Sudoku came out. I started playing it and have not stopped. Popular but still less than Wordle.
Today we are talking about this New York Times daily puzzle game. What is it. Why you should try it. The benefits it has for your overall wellness. As well as some tips to beat the game in very few turns.

What is Wordle?

A word game where the person has 6 attempts to figure out the days 5 letter word.  A very simple concept by Josh Wardle.
Green means you got the letter right in the correct spot.
Yellow means the letter is right but wrong spot.
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Improves your Vocabulary

How many 5 letter words do you know?  You will be shocked at how little or how many you know.
I can tell you I played and could think of only longer words. 
If you don’t know what the meaning of the word is then after you can Google it. There now you learned a new word!!

Train Your Brain

Brain training means anything that makes the brain think. You may find this game a piece if cake and win on the first word you input. Either way you are still working the brain for atleast a few minutes every day which in turn is good. 
A training brain is a happy brain
Many of the times the word is simple. Other times you really have to think. Maybe it has something to do with another country.
For example- bloke
I am not sure what this word is but that was the answer on February 24,2022. I solved it in 5 attempts. Chose “while” as my start word. I can Google this word and find out it is popular in the United Kingdom.
As above, you can see I learned a new word which in turn made my brain smarter.

You can compete with friends

Who can resolve this mind game in the shortest attempt? 
There is no play with friends option. So be honest about the amount of tries it took you to win. Take screenshots of the results and share with them.
Word and letter like wordle

Makes You feel Smart

Guessing a puzzle with  only 6 moves makes one feel confident and smart. You can take on the world now. 

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Look on Twitter when you are done and feel more smart while seeing people fail. Many do fail. 

I know I am all like “Ha I got it and you didn’t. I got 3 days in a row right and you failed!!” I know not the best to brag but it feels good to know you got the answer while others lost. Haha. 

*Note– please don’t be mean to people if they failed in their attempt. It can make a person feel bad which in turn is bad for their mental wellness. Imagine you in their shoes*

Confidence is all it takes to exceed in life


1. You want to start out with a good word. Nothing random but something with vowels. A and E words are something you should try at first
From there, you can see what you have to work with.
2. You don’t want to overthink the game. It is simple.
3. Another tip is to Google 5 letter words especially if you get any green letters. I have done this and it worked
Here is a book of 5000 English 5 letter words. Great for the game but also great for anyone wanting to enhance their vocabulary anyways.


Other Apps like Wordle

*These are the links for Android play store*
Play unlimited games-
  • Wordaily with no daily limit– what I love about this game is that it can be used by people who are color blind. There is difficult which is 4 letter words and easy which is 7 letter words. You can add in your own word so your friends can try to guess
  • Wordleap– Play offline and use coins for
Word games-
  • One Clue Crossword– a game where you get an image and have to solve the puzzle using words in the image alone
Sudoku– challenge your brain with this fun number game. Each box you have to input 9 numbers. No numbers can be the same horizontal or vertical. 
Two options of books. One has more puzzle and is more expensive. There other has less for a lower price. 

Brain training games-
  • Elevatetrain your brain with various mini games. This will make you able to think quicker. Includes math, words and memory puzzles
Closest to Wordle
Absurdlewhat many people believe is the evil twin. You have far more. Over 2000 possible words, you have to narrow down to one randomly selected word. The goal is to find that word in as few attemps as possible. Start off with one word just like Wordle. All 5 letter words
*I have tried it and it is really fun. I like it better*

Books, Puzzles for Wordle Lover

Puzzle books and mystery books. All to improve your overall wellness

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Montague Island Mysteries

A book of puzzle with a twist. There is a story of kids that you follow along as they uncover the tales of guests of a fancy mansion. A book in my wish list

This jigsaw puzzle that is mind and eye bending

Shape shifting fidget cube? Yes please. Can you figure out all 70 shapes? Train the brain with this #need


Pros and Cons of Wordle

To sum up this post we dive a little deeper.
  • Great for mental health
  • Great for overall wellness
  • Great for learning words
  • Great for vocabulary
  • You don’t have to make words like crossword which is vertical and horizontal
  • Fun
  • Simple
  • A daily game unless using an unofficial app
  • Some words are from other countries which your country may not be familiar with
  • Some people think it is getting harder
  • You can find the answer just by Google
  • Can also be bad for mental health as you may get discouraged when you don’t finish in as little attempts as you wish or as everyone else did
  • Random words with no category help


Games, puzzles and everything related is meant to be fun. They can cause you to go beyond your mind.  They can teach you life lessons.
They should not be stressful. Nor should they take over your life.
Wether you like word games or no, Wordle is worth atleast one attempt.
They only thing Wordle has that is not good for wellness is the fact that is on your phone. This can cause eye damage and even more phone addiction. 
Get off your phone and go get some fresh air once in a while
What apps or puzzle games do you like? Give me some suggestions as I love playing puzzle games  like this on and Sudoku


Main Pinterest image. Why you should be playing the word game Wordle

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