Top 6 Highly Effective Mood Boosting Ways to Embrace Spring

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Spring is a time for new beginnings. Flowers bloom, grass grows and baby birds start appearing. 
Spring is a great change from the mood lessening season of winter. It can be hard to shake those winter blues to welcome the warmth.  It can be done though.
Today we are talking about some effective ways to boost your mood to embrace spring. These 6 tips are the most ideal of them all. Easy, affordable and efficient. So goodbye to winter and Hello Spring

Welcome Spring with Flowers

Fun fact- there are certain flowers that are proven to boost your mood, cure your stress and anxiety.
Lavender plants for example.
I know looking at flowers always change my mood into better. Plant some outside or buy some from the store. 
For those with flower allergies, there is a way to get your flowers also- fake. The good thing about fake flowers is they last forever. I know they don’t get the smell but you can still admire their beautiful colors.
*Protip- If you are ok with perfume then spray some of.your favorite on the fake flowers to give them a sweet smell.

*comes in multiple colors 


look at this one ?? not even flowers but plastic flowers that have a light. I have something similar to this. It is a skeleton hand holding a black rose. It’s in a container like this

Garden tools for summer garden. Includes various seeds

Welcome spring with flower

Welcome Spring Birds

I love the coming of the birds during the spring. Hearing the new babies chirp and taking photos of their furless bodies. Oh it brings me much joy.
Maybe you live in an area where there are many birds but none come close to your house. Or maybe you are trying to attract a certain bird.
Whatever the case may be, buying something like a hanging bird feeder will help your mood. A bird bath to watch the birds play in water. 
You can also buy a hanging planter to buy certain plants. I have seeds that will attract Hummingbirds.
Welcome spring birds

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Spring Clean your House

There a reason people spring clean. It helps remove the dirt of the past to make room for the new future.
Learn some facts about spring cleaning from Country Living
An article about why spring cleaning is great for your mental health
I also have a printable that will help make your cleaning much easier. You can get that down below by subscribing
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Update your wardrobe for spring

Nothing like a new season to have a cleanout of the clothing kind.


  • Get reid of things that don’t fit.
  • Put the clothes you don’t wear in a separate pile. Put those in a bag. Do not throw them away right now. Instead, go threw them the week next. You never know if you threw something away that you will regret later on
  • Keep things that you know you are going to wear. Or atleast have an 80% chance of wearing
Now is the fun part- Shopping. Do not be discouraged if you don’t have the money for new clothes. You can search on Google for Salvation Army’s, discount clothes, churches and free clothes in your area. Alot of great things come from these places. I found Shaq (the former NBA center)  shoes in a free closet at a church.
I go there whenever they have it because of the fact that I can find some clothes that I would never be able to find in stores like Walmart. Such unique. I want to also go to free clothing places to update my closet for the spring.

Go for a walk

I swear the best method for mental wellness is a walk outdoors. It is highly recommend by nearly every expert and non expert. Which is understandable as walking really changes your mood.
Fun fact– fresh air makes your body and mind happy.
You can read about benefits of getting fresh air at Kent Teach


Some benefits of a spring walk-

  • The fresh air
  • The smell of flowers
  • The sounds
  • A perfect temperature so you won’t get too warm or too cold
  • The smell after the spring rain
  • The blooming of the trees
  • Possibly seeing a baby animal
Go out and have that walk. Just go without having a special place and see where the adventure takes you. Play some Pokemon Go while you are at it. Catch those Pikachu’s. 
Take photos of real wild animals. 

Stay in and watch the rain

Spring showers bring spring flowers.
I love the rain which is one reason why I love this time of year. Sitting on the porch watching as it downpours with my cup of Honey Lemon Tea  (I buy this in bulk. I love it so much)Then taking a nap to the sound. Something out of a romantic book.
The myth is that rain brings on sadness. This can be true but not always. Really depends on what you do during. You sit there and dwell staring at the rain then of course you are going to wind up thinking and get sad.
But if you are doing something relaxing then your mood can be boosted.
Next time it rains I want you  to bring a drink and snack to a window. Watch the rain. Think about how amazing it is. How clouds can produce wetness that falls onto the ground making things grow. Try not to think of anything sad.  When it stops, go outside and take a deep breath in. What do you smell?
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Going into spring can be hard. It may take some time but you sure to break out of that funk to fully embrace the new season. Welcome those birds, smell those flowers and enjoy cleaning your house. 
Hopefully this post has given you enough inspiration to get you motivated to go and have a  spring blast.  No need to be a Gloom when the weather is a bloom. Be a Sunflora and go get some vitamin c

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6 Highly Effective Mood Boosting Ways to Embrace Spring. Flowers

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    • I love walking on trails especially during seasons like spring. I do hate all the bugs. Be careful on your walks as you don’t want to run into poison ivy

    • My favorite part of spiring besides the rain is the flowers blooming. Make sure to open those windows while spring cleaning, Mariya that way you can get that fresh spring air


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