Top Ideas for Family Bonding Time

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You think with isolation that families would be spending more time together. That is not the case.

Sure you may have to live in the same house but with so much electronics and social media, no one really connects. This can be hard for families.

I remember the day when sitting down at the dinner table to discuss recent days activities were an everyday thing. Games on the holidays and so much family bonding.

We as a society need to get back to the family get togethers. How can we get back to the communication of yester year?

Today I will give you some great ideas. Ideas the whole clan will love. That way your 13 year old daughter doesn’t feel like you are “ruining their lives” by trying to connect.

Why the need for family bonding?

Family bonding is essential-

  • – Know what everyone is up to
  • – Can see how they are feeling (even if they are not honest)
  • – Can see any personality changes
  • – Kids who spend more time with their familys are less depressed
  • – Great for mental health and social development
  • – Gets people off their electronics for a bit

Video Games

Ha get off the electronics I say. This is different because this is something to do with each other.

Nintendo Switch has some great games. Mario Party has always been a favorite of mine. I am competitive so trying to beat my mom was always fun. I always played as Toad

Then you have racing games. Every console makes their own racing game. Nintendo Wii once had a M&M racing game which was fun.

You can even play video games as a family on your phone. In Bingo Blitz you can verse friends in the same room. I always verse my mom in the daily bingo since is it free. Normally I do terrible.

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Board Games

Do you know that Monopoly if played correctly can last years? Yup good thing I never played with the houses.

There is also Charades. Which is basically a game where you are yelling answers to each other.

Card games are cheap and a classic. Teach the kids to play Rummy (if you know how) This knowledge will help if they ever want to go to a casino.

The game of War is always a fun time. Who has fhe best 28 cards? Find out with this game.


A little quiet reading time together may not involve talking but it does involve doing an activity together.Knowing what people like to read can tell you alot about their personality

  • Children book means they have a child like presence to them
  • Romantic/ Sexual means they like the idea of being romanced
  • Horror means they like the fear
  • Young adult means they want something more mature but not too much
  • Comics means they like rhe fantasy aspect and pictures
  • Fantasy means they like going to escape

Those are just some of the genres.

Protip– To start a conversation with your kid, ask them what their book is about and why they like it.

Pony Express book cover as an idea for family bonding

If you have young kids or even horse lovers, then Pony Express is perfect. The story is about Gona who knows that just because life on the farm is dull most of the time does not mean it has to. She and her brother play Pony Express rider with their horses galloping and pretending they are in the Wild West. It is a great story about family, imagination and having fun. You can imagine yourself as Gona as she stands there waiting for the horse to get her.
The pictures are as beautiful as the story. A fun and easy read.

Pony Express book reading to dog for family bonding time


Just like books, your favorite movie tells a lot of your personality. Pick a bunch of movies that no one has seen and blindly chose the one to watch.

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The next time it can be your favorite then a kids favorite then someone else’s favorite.

Laugh together. Cry together. Talk about the film afterwards. Have a marathon with popcorn full of so much butter that you feel sick.

Scavenger Hunt

This is one where the family is involved but also not. You can go your seperate ways then come back at the end to declare the winner.

Make it funner by offering money or upping allowences or even mini trophy.

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No family bonding list is complete without family dinner. This means making atleast a meal once a week that everyone can enjoy. One that takes more then 5 minutes to finish. Not one that is like pizza which can be eaten in your room. A ham dinner is an example.

A true family dinner that involves eating at the table. First few dinners may be awkward but it will simmer down.

Some questions and topics

  • The day
  • Electronic
  • Sports
  • Tv
  • Music
  • School
  • Gossip

Avoid topis like-

  • Relationship
  • Sex
  • Feelings
  • Friends
  • The future

It is better to know what to avoid before you start any resentment. You want the child to feel safe to talk to you. Not like you are trying to pry into their business.


Your kids may not realize it now but you are doing a good thing. They should not take spending time together for granted.

Many families are so busy these days with work and school activities that bonding gets left in the dust.

Remember there are many more activities that is available. No matter what activity you chose, make sure to do it often. Switch it up. Maybe video games one week and a board game the next.

Life is short. Family is important

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