Top Notch Date Night Spots in Los Angeles


A Japanese flower

*This post is sponsored. I am being paid to write this. All you have to do is read to find some ideas. It is not cost to you* 


 I love date nights during the holiday season. The smell of Christmas in the air. The lights that surround the city. Really is the most romantic time of the year. 

  Many people assume because Los Angeles is so expensive that they can not have a nice date night. I am here to say this is untrue. Ok, Los Angeles is very expensive but romantic night should not be. 

  These examples I have listed are great for any time of the year. I even added a few extra tips to make things even better and guarantee a little something something for you after 😉 

 So let us get on to the post. These are my Top Notch Date Night Spots in Los Angeles

*This post is written during the 2020 pandemic so be warned that some of the following places may have safety cautions. Be sure to follow the rules and wear your mask

Dinner by the fireplace 

A lit fireplace

 Talk about romantic. To make it more extra you can add a few candles and flowers to the dinner table. 

Online dating

 You may be thinking “Umm Tiana I already have a date, why would I need an online dating?”

 Well sassy pants, no one said every section was going to be about you. Not to mention maybe you are trying to help someone else find a date so the 4 of you can go on a double date. Or maybe you feel bad for a friend who is all alone and jealous of your relationship. There is always reasons for needing online dating. 
 For those single people, online dating is a great choice for finding a romatic partner. Many sites now a days have it where you can find someone who is right in your city or even state. No need to panic that you found your soulmate in London but you live in California and you know that long distance relationship are hard. 
*Just me giving my own self a panic attack and saddness over long distance*
Of course, you can look at the San Diego personals which is 120 miles away from Los Angeles. There are many counties surrounding LA like Santa Monica, Hollywood Blvd and even the stunning Malibu. 
 All just a drive away and you can take my suggestions in this post to secure a second date. Dating in San Diego does not have to be hard. 

A walk through The Grove

 This place has everything romantic spots for dinner, shopping and sights. Suprise them with a book from Barnes and Nobles or splurge with a gift from Michael Kors. 
 Then go to one of the many dining spots The Grove has to offer. 
After dinner, walk around to enjoy the sights and sounds. There are normally people playing instrument or entertainment somehow. You can even go see the Dancing Fountain at The Grove
The grove

A walk through the Santa Monica Pier

santa monica pier

 A place I wish to visit one of these days. The night scene when the amusement park is open is just magical. 
During the pandemic, the park is closed. However, you can still walk on the pier. 
Enjoy as the seagulls pick at your lunch. The smell of the fresh ocean as the waves crash at the bottom. Enjoy putting your toes in the light brown sand as you casually get bitten by a crab 🦀 


 Los Angeles has to be the most epic United States city to find romantic and non romantic date night areas. 

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 I do hope my post has given you ideas on where to go. There is many other places. An added bonus would be Staples Center, Hollywood walk of fame and a celebrity bus tour. 

Be sure to share your favorite date night spots in los Angeles in the comments. I know I missed many.

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