Top Tips for Dating in the New Year

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Hey friends and welcome to a #blogmas post.

  As we move towards the end of the year and enjoy all the festivities and get ready for the New Year, a lot of singles look to get their dating life kick-started. I for sure know that dating can be a hassle, no matter what age you are. 

  • Meeting the person
  • Asking the person out
  • Picking perfect outfit
  • First awkward date
  • After date saga
  • Call or no?
  • Waiting for the second date
It is a struggle. Today I have some tips for you that may be just what you need. Do not be scared to make 2019 your year in everything.

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Tip 1- Finding the guy

    Sometimes finding a guy is not as easy as going to the store, bumping into a guy while trying to pick out a pickle, awkwardly trying to think of pickle puns while not being too sexual. If you are lucky, then it can be. 
For most of us though, we try online dating. 

#FunFact 49 Million People have tried online dating

What is great about online dating is you don’t have to try and meet these guys or have the awkward “want to go out?” on the phone chat. Most are texting.

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Tip 2- Dating Profile

   I am sorry but I don’t think anyone really wants a profile that includes “I have 4 cats” with the list your cat’s name.

What they do want to see?

  • What you like to do for fun
  • What you are interested in like movies, music
  • Your future goals in terms of success. Hearing you want 4 kids may be a turn off for most men. Leave that for the 3rd date
  • What makes you, you
  • Tell them what you want
  • Something that shows your personality. Keep your profile sounding like how you sound
Keep it fun, interesting, funny. Nothing about your childhood, anything about your ex is for sure a no

Tip 3- The Photo

  Picking your profile photo can make or break. Even more than your information in your profile.

For a hookup- a more revealing photo may be the way to go. Make sure to keep it casual. You really don’t want to show off everything all at once.

Smile- It shows that you are outgoing, fun and interested in finding a date

Make sure you are clean with your hair and outfit, not all a mess. This just signals a mess of a person. No one wants that

Leave the funny, humor for the profile information. You really don’t want your picture to look like you are trying to be a joke. Which means no sticking your tongue out, funny filter, plushies, action figures…

Tip 4- Be Yourself

  With anything and everything, you do whether it is dating or business, just be yourself.

Just be yourself!! 

Most times people are turned off from online dating because they know that 70% of the people lie about alot of things. Age and photo are the main things people lie about.

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Even with dating in real life, you think a guy is cute or nice so you ask him on a date. Turns out he is a total jerk.

I hope you enjoyed my tips and I hope they work for you in the future. Make sure to have fun and don’t take dating to serious
 Good luck

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