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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream Customers by Russell Brunson*
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 Traffic Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Filling Your Websites and Funnels with Your Dream is a 330-page book dedicated to helping people get their message or product to the right customers. Russell Brunson takes us on this journey the helps us discover the secrets he has used to help build his brand.
 You may recall that I have done two other posts on traffic secrets. You have taken the journey of reading the book and finding the secrets with me. An extraordinary journey it has been. 
 In Part 1 we discovered how to find our dream customers and how to build our Dream 100.
In Part 2 we learned some lessons that will help us take our social media to the next step. Which in turn helps our dream customer come to us.
 So here we shall be talking about the final section of the book. Part 3 covers growth hacking. We shall take the secret offered by Russell and see:
If they work
Is it helpful
How will it help you
How I will be using them
 Then we shall close the post off by offering my final thoughts on the book.
Was the book worth it
Should you buy it
 Now we shall get past this lengthy intro and get right into the post. Enjoy

Chapter 16 The Funnel Hub

 In this chapter, Russel is talking about how when his website was doing bad he would funnel hack. This being the process of looking at your competitor to look at their process for gaining an audience and duplicating for your site. He then created what is called a Funnel Hub where people would go to a certain website and learn more information about someone. He then goes into talking about Shadow Funnels.
 The best part of the chapter is Dream Keywords and Branded names.
 Ex of a Branded Term is Tiana Bryant
Ex of a Non-Branded Term is mental health writer
Figure in traffic secrets book
Sneak peak at one of the pages 


 Most people focus on their dream keywords without realizing people are searching for branded terms. I would say 50/50 the keywords.
 So how do we create a funnel hub? We can create the hub by using a blogging site like Blogger. This site includes a blog, rss feed, social posts and funnels.
 According to Russell, making a funnel hub can be huge. So if you have a brand then you should for sure get the book and make a funnel hub.

Chapter 17 Other People’s Distribution Channels

 This chapter talks about how each of your Dream 100 list has a distribution channel and that it is your job to connect with them to build your channels.
 We learn the various channels we can use including by mail. It is paying people to integrate your site in various ways like a pop up on their site.
 An ok chapter. Creating backlinks is important but you have to work with your Dream 100 people to go over how you can implement everything.

 Chapter 18 Your Affiliate Army

 What is the best way to get traffic to a site? Seo, Pinterest? According to Russell, it is your own network of affiliates. You pay someone to sell your products. Which I am not being paid to write this article but I was sent the book for free. All in order to sell one of his many book.
 In this chapter, we learn the 5 steps to building your army of affiliates. I will not get into the steps since it is your job to figure out if you want to create your army or not.
 A good chapter. If you have the extra money and would like then for sure this chapter is for you. Personally, I would rather work with someone and figure out a way to help each other for free. With none of us spending any of our own money.

Chapter 19 Cold Traffic

 Here we learn about “traffic temperature” which goes from cold to warm to hot.
 I don’t know for some reason this chapter just made me confused. I think what Russell is saying is that it’s all about how you put your words. Make your words easy for people to understand.
 Maybe for you this chapter will make more sense. Sorry I could not give you more insight
 Let me know down in the comments if you read the book and this chapter made sense to you.

Chapter 20 Other Growth Hacks

 This chapter is exactly what it sounds- Russell gives us a few extra ways to get traffic into our funnels. He includes about six ways.
 A great tip from the chapter is getting people to refer their friends who refer their friends and so on. This gets yoi massive traffic.
You just have to make sure your content is good enough quality that people want to share and tell their friends. I suppose you could have bad quality and stoll have people refer others but it is better to have the best quality. Best quality means that the people will refer your work to more than one person since they will want to share it because they personality love it.
 There are many other growth hacks not included in this chapter. Google is a great source to find hacks. My suggestion is-
Write great stuff
Comment on other blogs
Try to work with people to create backlinks

Conclusion on Section 3

 Overall I found this section to not be wasteful per say but just not be that useful to everyone who will read the book. I think the sections before gave a lot of good information. Information that bloggers, store site owners, YouTubers and more can use.

Conclusion on Traffic Secrets the book

 Overall I found the book to be very useful. I am going to keep it nearby as there are a few things I would like to go and look back on.
The Dream 100 information
The information and schedules about social media
At the end Russell says “everyday look at ways to give yourself a raise. Ask yourself various questions including “How can I get more traffic?” Or “What new integration opportunity are there?”
This is great advice. I we should be looking everyday at new opportunities to grow both in our sites and our daily life.
He adds more questions which you will just have to get the book yourself to see them.
So is it worth getting the book? Yes it is. You can learn alot of valuable information. Not to mention the more books you have on the subject you wish to learn, the more success you will have.
Make sure to check out Russell’s other books. I for one am planning to get another book in the traffic series called “Expert Secrets- The Underground Playbook for Converting your Online Visitors into Lifelong Customers” and “Unlock the Secrets Workbook
Ps– Click on some of my ads so I can buy these books. The workbook comes in a bundle of 3 books including “Traffic Secrets” and “Expert Secrets” and the bundle cost $127
 Leave it down in the comments if you would like for me to break that book down into sections like I did for this book

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