Why and How to Make A Positivity Tree

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Today we are crafting. Sunday I was looking through Twitter to see what everyone was talking about. #selfcaresunday was trending and on that trend was a post about a Positivity Tree.

 I have included a printable with cute shapes and various prompts to help with the making of our tree. 

Remember that this is your tree so make it however you would like. Add glitter if you wish. Don’t be concerned if you can’t fill out all the prompts right now. There is no time limit. If you can’t think of anything positive or that you are grateful for, go back to it late. 

Heart tree

What is a Positivity Tree?

It is branches with various pieces of paper with positive thoughts about oneself and life. I thought it was a really great idea to make one. I know I sometimes forget what I am grateful for and the positive things in my life.  

Materials needed

  • Paper
  • Branches
  • A vase
  • Pens (I suggest colored)
  • Scissors
  • String 
  • Any extras you want
  • Tape

Or you can just buy the 1600-piece craft set below which includes everything you need and more


  1. Grab all your materials. You can find the branches in your backyard or a craft store. 
  1. Either print out the paper or make your own. 

   *Protip- when making your own document, add other types of shapes and do it on colored paper

  1. Fill out your paper with whatever you can think of for each shape. 

      *Protip- you don’t have to have the best things to be positive about. It can be small things like chocolate. It is your tree so make it your own

  1. Gather your vase and add the branches. Make them different heights for added dimension 
  1. Cut out your shapes and add them to each branch. You can use string or just stick them on the branches
  1. On a blank sheet of paper write “Positivity Tree”
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A. Cut those words in a cute shape

B. Add it to the front of the vase

*Protip- add some drawings on the paper to make it cute and more positive

  1. Add your finishing touches. Add some string to various places, glitter, a bow… Anything that will brighten up the tree to make you feel more positive

    *Protip- leave some blank spots so you can add some more shapes later at some point. Just in case you think of anything else

  1. Put your tree somewhere in sight that will be noticed everyday

You can also you apps like Canva to help create your tree.


My Positivity Tree

I decided to do mine with a sheet of paper. I cut out some flower shapes from the journal paper I had. Then I made them look like little trees. I did this because I really have no room to add a small tree. Nor do I have the money to gather all the materials I need to make it how I wish. This is a cheap and easy solution. I just hang it up on my wall somewhere I am able to see it every day. I can add more things if I wish. I can even attach another sheet of paper to make it bigger.

So like I said there is many ways one can make this so-called tree. My variation included a tree with flowers. By each flower, I wrote one of the prompts

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.I did this for a few reasons:

  1. I am making another tree
  2. I thought it looked good

As I said, I will be making a regular one with branches and all. I want mine to be cute and also match my room so it will take some time. You can go follow me on Instagram to be the first to see my tree when it is done 

Image of a positivity tree that I made


I hope you guys have fun doing this craft. There are other ways to make this besides literal branches. 

 You can-

•Draw a tree on paper and add shapes with positive

•Cut out a tree or branches and tape that to paper. Cut out your shapes and add them

•Draw flowers and write positive in the petals

I am for sure putting mine in my room. I am hoping this will make some of my depression go away.

 I hope it helps put a smile on your face also.  Tag me on Instagram with your creations using the hashtag #positivitytreee


12 thoughts on “Why and How to Make A Positivity Tree”

  1. A positivity tree is a great idea. Every morning I play positive affirmations for my children, and I hear them reciting them in their quiet time. In time they would have repeated them so much they would start to act on them. Imagine how much more impact a visible object like a positivity tree could have on them. I will make this and place it in a strategic position so that they can see it at least three times a day. Eventually, the positive words will imprint on their little minds.


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