Why Animals are Better than Humans

 It is 2020 and I am sitting here with my dog. This really is nothing normal as I am always with my dog.
 I am sitting here like “wow he has the life”. Let us face it, animals really do have a good life. Have you seen how a cat lives? They sleep half the day, eat, poop, drive you insane and then go back to sleep. They do not seem to have a care in the world. I mean why would they? They are just cats who don’t have to pay bills, deal with social status or a horrible boss.
It is 2020, we should start thinking of living like animals. I am not saying go out and attack everyone you don’t like. I am saying to watch them and have them lead by example.
 Today we are going to talk about this a little more in-depth. First, we shall see why animals are better than humans. Then we shall explore how we can take that into being better humans ourselves.
 So let us get on with this post.

Norfolk terrier My boy

They can’t use guns

  Kind of a good thing right? Can you imagine a bird carrying a little gun? Ok, bad example since that would be too adorable. Imagine a lion carrying a gun though? Horrific.
  Sure a lot of the animal kingdom has very sharp teeth that can rip a human apart in minutes. This is only due to their need for getting food or defending their territory. Animals rarely attack humans. Most of the time the attack is due for defense or because the animal is sick.
 People use guns. People use guns to kill animals. People use guns to kill other humans. I am not saying guns are a bad thing since they can help you defend yourself when you need to. However, most of the time humans take their gun privileges for granted and just go insane.

We need stricter gun laws. We need to stop humans from killing innocent humans

They don’t care how much money you got or what you look like

 If you see a lion on the street, he will attack you whether you are rich, ugly popular or not. He does not care, he only sees you as prey.
 Dogs will love you if you are a kind person regardless of anything. Cats, well cats are cats and in their own kind of way, they will show they love you.
Do cats care how you look? It may seem like it but I highly doubt it.

They normally are a great judge of character

 Research shows that dogs can sense when people are not being kind to their human owners. Thus they will bark at this person or even harm them.
 It is like they have a sixth sense.
 You may have noticed your furry friend coming by your side when you are in a bad or sad mood. This is because they can tell.
 Dogs and cats can also sense when a person has an illness. This is part of their sixth sense. So if your cat is ever more loving then normal, you may want to go get check out just in case.

They won’t stress you out

 Humans will stress you out, make fun of you, cause depression and other various mental health issues. Animals will not. Like I said above, they don’t care how you look or how much money you have. Nor do they have the vocal ability to make fun of you.
 Sure cats and dogs will stress you out a few times. They can drive you insane when they want attention and you are busy. Or they get into something they are not allowed to. However, these are minor stresses that you will get over with.
 Now I am not saying when your beloved furry family member goes with God, it won’t cause depression. That depression is different from depression of someone making fun of you

So how can we be like animals?

 We can stop judging people because they are different than us, have less money or are not how we wish they looked.
  •  We can take every day and make it great.
  • No need to stress on the little things that we can’t change.
  • Take naps when we can and get a good sleep schedule.
  • Take care of your health and mental health. This animal can not due as they don’t know how to but we can.


Everyday humanity is getting worse and worse. People killing, people being used, people being hurt… And for what reason?? 

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We as humans are taught what is right and wrong. We know murder is wrong. We know using people is wrong, hurting people is wrong. And yet a lot of us do it. Why?

Do we lack common sense now?
Is money all we care about?
Have we become so egotistical that we don’t care for fellow humans?

These are questions I think about all the time.
I know I lack human compassion but that is from seeing loved ones get hurt, used, abused, taken advantage of…. It could also be due to having ‘mental issues’

Either way, I know animals would never do the things humans do. So in 2020, let us learn how to be like animals. We can make the world a better place if we do.

Leave me a comment down below of more ways we can be like animals. Do you believe animals are better than humans? 

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Infographic of why animals are better than humans

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