Why You Should Create A Book of Shadows

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Growing up you may have seen many shows or movies with witches. A theme with each is that they all have a book. A book passed down from generations of witches. A Book of Shadows.

Based on actual Wicca history, this popular tool is important in many lives.

Why should a non-Wicca or even believer in magic write a Book of Shadows? Find out why as we explore what, why and how to create your Book of Shadows.

What is a Book of Shadows?

Gerald Gardner, the “father of Wicca”, first introduced the Book of Shadows in the 1950s. These days it is by various Wicca groups. The “bible” of the modern witch coven. It contains basic beliefs, rituals, charms, spells, and incantations. Each book is different for each coven or person

Why create a Book of Shadows

Many many reasons.

  1. to broaden your knowledge of history. Even nonbelievers should learn. Contrary to popular belief, the practice of Wicca is not evil or with bad intentions
  2. think of it as a combination of all the journals
  3. maybe you will find something new that you will love
  4. it is not just for spells. Read on to find out what can be in your book

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How to create a Book of Shadows

Like any other journal, you must figure out the source of media you would like to make. It can be a binder with paper, a notebook or an app on your phone.

Make sure you pick something that speaks to you

You want to make a cover page. Decorate it however you wish. You can see mine below.

book of shadows
Front cover of my Book Of Shadows

This ‘leather’ 250-page notebook is similar to mine and comes in multiple colors plus includes a pen- Buy Now

I have a pen that is solely dedicated to my book. It is a purple glitter pen.

Again make sure to choose a pen that speaks to you. Something like these 120 Gel Pen Set from Amazon- Buy Now

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A bunch of Book Of Shadows-related products can be found on Amazon- Buy Now

What a Book of Shadows may include


Like a mood board, putting what you wish to happen down is a great manifestation tool

Put into the universe your desires. With hard work and patience, they will become a reality


This one is optional. They have some great spells and chants that work for any situation you encounter or need. A good Google search will help you with this

  • Money spell ✓
  • Good luck spell ✓
  • Black magic ✓ which I do not recommend as it can turn bad quickly
full moon spell


Include things you are grateful and thankful for.

Be sure to thank the universe in advance for all the blessings that you have and are coming to you



You can make up your own prayers and chants. I have made up some prayers to the Gods and Goddess of the universe.

It does not matter if they make sense or rhyme. As long as it comes from the heart and you believe in it


Whatever is symbolic in nature that you find useful during life. Perhaps your astrology sign. Perhaps something you saw in your dreams that you can not stop thinking about.

virgo symbol for a book of shadows

You do not have to draw any symbols yourself. You can print them, glue them from magazines or even cardboard boxes. Do not hesitate to be creative.

Rules to live by

Many practitioners follow certain laws and it’s a good idea to have them right up front where you can meditate on them, absorb them, explore them and refer to them quickly and easily.

A rule of mine is to never harm any of God’s creatures. With the expectation of flies, stink bugs, cockroaches and various other annoying creatures. Another exception would be if anyone hurt the ones I love.

Another rule is to try not to seek revenge. Karma will have her way with whoever has betrayed me

Important days

You will record the dates and special significance of any holy days you celebrate and any rites of passage you experience.

  • birthday
  • holidays
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Important crystals, candles, herbs

One of my favorite things is crystals. Having a place where I can write down the meaning of each crystal, the color and a small chant is perfect for me. Keeping my Book of Shadows near me allows for easy access when out in stores searching for ingredients. Easier than having to Google what the meaning of everything is

Did you know black candles mean something different than brown candles? A black candle is aimed at cleansing from damage, evil eye, slander, birth curses, etc. A brown candle helps the person ground themselves. It will help you gain confidence in yourself and the ability to defend your point of view and your place under the sun.

Read more on candle meaning


Dreams are an insight into a reality we can only see with our eyes closed. Those realities might be trying to tell you something.

I have dreams about tornados all the time especially since my life is so stressful. Turns out, that is exactly what tornados in dreams mean. Not to mention, I live in Alabama now and there is tornado watches and warnings every month here.

Discover the meaning of your dreams by going here. Write down your keyword and what it means in your book. Keep the book by your bed so you can write down anything you remember in your dreams

dreams in your shadow book

Conclusion on the Book of Shadows

Journaling is not just for young people or even witches. A Book of Shadows is one of the many types of journals you must try to create. A personal journal to which you can come back to when needed.

Need to take a breather? Take your book and write down some affirmations. Come back to the book anytime you need some more.

Empower yourself to tune in to your inner magic and develop a custom keepsake that will evolve along with your journey

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the secret to creating a book of shadows
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